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  1. ddnidd1

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    I just received my FEA DE-CL and am starting the test drive. So far I'm very impressed.

    Anyone care to share some favorite settings for this pedal?
  2. aphexafx

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    Dec 10, 2013
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    It's just kind of hard to define "settings" on a compressor or other dynamics processor because it's wholly dependent on the input levels and the dynamics of the player. How do you prefer to use your DE-CL? Is it near your input to control your playing dynamics or do you use it near the end of your chain to smooth your program dynamics? I don't have a DE-CL, I have a Opti-FET and I love it on my input side. I use pretty light compression (low ratio) and it is perfect for smoothing out the boominess of my low B string...so my favorite setting is to adjust the threshold so that it begins compressing very lightly in the upper registers and naturally more actively in the lower ones. Then I adjust the ratio to tune the aggressiveness so that things are nice and even. The Opti-FET has an EQ in it's side chain so boosting the lows a bit there totally enables me to fine tune the compression engagement for the low B and E strings. Then at that point it is balanced for compressing the powerful low strings and also any spikes across the board. When I plugin a 4-string P-bass I just click off the side-chain. It's a freaking fantastic piece of hardware. I'm on the list for a DE-CL.
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  3. willsellout

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    I generally keep my threshold to the point where the compression starts at half the time I play and the limiter I kind of play with when I'm slapping and find where it sounds best. Generally both are set below noon, same with my ratio's. Gain for the comp is about 11 and the limiter is at about noon. warmth is about noon as well give or take a couple hours. I keep mine at the end of my chain right before my B3K. I had the opti-fet and wound up selling it. I just didn't connect with it. The DE-CL was an instant "always on" pedal for me. It adds a lot to my sound. Plus it's built so incredibly well and the company is just cool as hell. Gotta support em'!
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  4. onda'bass

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    Sep 5, 2010
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    I'll be less wordier...
    comp: t-1:30 R-7:30 A-9:00
    Limiter: T-3:00 A- 7:00
    Warmth -9:00
    I set gain to be equal in volume with pedal off. Hope it help.

    My thinking is light comp(2:1 ish) from the comp, and the limiter catches the big spikes as its infinity : 1