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Feeback Count

Discussion in 'Suggestion Box' started by bassman28, Jan 19, 2014.

  1. bassman28

    bassman28 Supporting Member

    Dec 31, 2010
    North Carolina
    I think you should be allowed to count up to 3 feedbacks from the same TBer on your displayed feedback count that way you can't falsely load up your feedback but the TBers that are not dishonest can account for all of their feedback.You are monitoring the threads so if its a false ad you can usually tell.For people who have 10 transactions with 3 TBers will only show 3 feedbacks which I would maybe be less likely to jump on without checking but if it shows 10 in the count display gives them a better chance.You have to go to their profile to see the 10 transactions.I mean 10 purchases or sales are 10 transactions.I always buy from alot of the same TBers just for reliability.Just something to think about.Thanks