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Feedback on Fat Time (groove jazz) appreciated.

Discussion in 'Recordings [BG]' started by Megaknor, Sep 13, 2005.

  1. Hello

    This is another "check my music"-thread. Feel free to listen to the examples on http://www.fattime.tk. Any feedback on the music and/or the site is welcome. There is an English version, although people sometimes found it hard to find. Click "Say What?" (because you cant't read the Dutch text :)

  2. FR5


    Feb 12, 2004
    Hello Marten,

    I can't believe you got no responses to this posting, so let's bring this under the attention once more. I really like the music that you're playing, and I'm not saying that because I am from Holland like you. I couldn't care whether the music was from Botswana, it sounds great :)

    In fact, I like the music so much that I am going to order to CD through your website right now (like the take on the album cover BTW). And I hope to catch one of your gigs soon.

    Keep it up and keep it grooving,

  3. Great stuff! I just listened to all your samples on the website and enjoyed the tunes, playing, and production. Good luck!
  4. Thank you two, FR5 for kicking the topic upwards... I'm curious what the rest of you think of it. :D
  5. i like it a lot!
  6. EricTheEZ1


    Nov 23, 2004
    Clawson, MI
    Dooie Kaas - Great tone on the bass and the rest of the band as well. You really hold it down.

    When John Meets Allison - I enjoyed this one a lot more. The bass is a little more interesting and a great tone still. Could have used a bit more hair on the bass when everyone is really jamming so you can pick it out more, but that would have interfered with the overall tone of the song. :meh:

    Blues for Herman - Great playing on this one. Really interesting lines on it. A little too jazzy to be called Blues though, don't you think? ;)

    Jean Jacques - Was that synth stuff the bassline for a while? Crazy whatever it was. The last 20 seconds was actually my favorite. Love that kind of finger-funk feel.

    New Day - I'm really surprised at how professional, interesting, and well organized your jazz stuff is. Mostly considering your age, but that's not everything of course.

    You guys must have put a LOT of work into that CD. Great stuff. By the way, what kind of bass(es) do you use?

  7. Hi Eric,

    Thanks for the comments!

    I used my Heins fretless 5-string exclusively. (Turkish Walnut body, maple/walnut neck, snakewood fingerboard, passive electronics, Heins pickups) See www.heinsguitars.nl

    The bass line on Jean-Jacques was played with two different settings of an Electro Harmonix Bass Microsynth. The theme (last part of the fragment) with a tuba-like sound, and during the drumsolo the one channel is the EHX, the other channel a Nord Lead synthesizer. The way I cut the fragment confuses people soometimes, I noticed; the fragment kicks in during the drum solo, goes to what's actually the B-part in the beginning of the song and ends with a last A-part

    BTW I didn't write them all, Jean-Jacques and Dooie Kaas are my compositions, the rest was written by the guitarist and the keyboard player.
  8. Andy Brown

    Andy Brown Supporting Member Commercial User

    Jul 23, 2004
    Rhode Island
    Founder/Owner: Wing Instruments
    Awesome stuff... right up my alley. Congratulations on a great CD.
  9. I'm LOVING this stuff. This is exactly the kind of music I want to make when I get in a band, unfortunately I don't know many musicians and I know NONE with enough skill to make something like this. Translation: Your band is freakin great. I plan to order one of your CDs when I can get a little extra cash.