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Feedback on the Ampeg SVT 2-10 Classic cab...

Discussion in 'Amps and Cabs [BG]' started by bassman blue, Nov 3, 2002.

  1. Anyone use this cab? Wondering about running it with a SVT 15E, instead of lugging the Trace Elliot 410H around.
  2. I mix a band that used to use one of those cabs. He was playing a Alembic 5 string and an Ampeg SVT-4 PRO. It sounded awsome until he blew it up. If you watch the power you put in it you'll be fine. I would suggest putting a SVT-410HLF under it if your looking for a good match. The 210 is a very good sounding cab though.

    Good luck
  3. I'd like to know more about this Ampeg 210HE; I can get one fairly cheap (second hand)...

    Would it be a good combo with my SVT-3 Pro? What would be the better cabinet to combine the 210HE with; a 410? or a 115?
  4. Funkster

    Funkster Supporting Member

    Apr 6, 2000
    Wormtown, MA
    I Used this exact set-up that you mention for about three years with a SVT3pro. It sounded great, I had probs with the head but never with the cabs. I had a one 15HE and two 210HE, The two 210HE's sounded better together than mixing the 115 with the 210, Not sure why but they just sounded better. I sold them to buy two Eden 210T's which I'm happy with also.
  5. I was just wondering...

    My SVT-3 Pro allows two setups:

    1 - 450 watt @ 4 ohm
    2 - 275 watt @ 8 ohm

    > Getting the 4 ohm output would be easily achieved by connecting one 4 ohm cabinet (for example: a 4 ohm 410 cabinet).

    > When I would connect two 8 ohm cabinets that should give me 4 ohm as well, right? So the amp still puts out 450 watt? Or am I wrong? Example of this setting; 8ohm 4x10 and a 8ohm 4x10.
    Now, how does the SVT-3 divide its power over them two cabinets? Split in half (225 watt for each cabinet)?

    > My main concern is that I don't know how the SVT-3 knows what cabinet is connected... this might sound stupid :meh:

    If I would connect one 8ohm cabinet, would the SVT-3 only send only 275 watts to the cabinet?
  6. Phyrexian...

    It's all quite simple actually....

    I use an Ampeg V4-b head (100w tube) with 2 x 10 and a 1 x 15 cabs. They sound great and it's a transportable setup. I had an SVT IIIpro before my V4-b... also a very good sounding amp. Both cabs are 8 ohm, together they are 4 ohm. A Mosfet poweramp 'knows' how many ohm are conected. So, when you connect one 8 ohm cab, it will give 275 watt, when you connect two 8 ohm cabs it will give 450 watt. When you connect one 4 ohm cab... it will give 450 watt...
    Just make sure the cabs are parallel conected...
  7. Fel bedankt Tom! Dat was duidelijk...

    Great! I finally now that a MOSFET amp 'knows' what cab is connected... fieuuuuuuw ;)
  8. Does the amp split that 450 watt in two and deliver 225 to each cabinet? :confused:
  9. mgmadian


    Feb 4, 2002
    Austin, TX
    About a year ago, I picked up a new SVT 210 HE and think it's a great cab. Ironically, I had gone into the store that day with the express intention of purchasing an Aguilar 210... I'd played the Aguilar 410 and liked it and figured that the Aguilar 210 would be just as nice and that I'd pick it up.

    I'd brought my pre + power amp (Kern pre + QSC power amp) with me, and just for kicks, I played a couple basses through several different 210s that were in stock... Aguilar, Ampeg 210HE, and EBS (I think). Long story short... about 2 hours later, I walked out of there with the Ampeg. I was very surprised myself, but it was the deepest and clearest sounding of the lot, and I couldn't argue with my ears.

    The Ampeg was also a whole lot cheaper, too, which was nice, but the deciding factor was the sound. The only other 210 that I've heard that I liked almost as much was a Mesa Boogie... sounded much fatter, fuller, and deeper when I compared it to Eden, Aguilar and SWR, going through an Eden head.
  10. Geen probleem...

    Yeah... well... the amp doesn't actually 'know' of course ;) , but the minimum load you can safely connect to the amp is 4 ohm = 8 ohm is above the minimum, so the amp works fine but it will have less power because of the double load...
    In dutch: 8 ohm wil zeggen dat de weerstand twee keer zo groot is als bij een weerstand van 4 ohm. De versterker geeft dus 30 tot 50 % (al naargelang de versterker) minder vermogen af aan de speakers.
    Meer is het niet...:) Ken je iets van fysica? Het rare is dat een verdubbeling van de weerstand omgekeerd evenredig werkt. Dat wil zeggen: 2 x 8 ohm = 4 ohm. Dus 2 8-ohm-cabs zullen samen 4 ohm weerstand geven en dus kan het volle potentieel van de versterker vrijkomen. Nog iets: dit geldt enkel als je de cabs parallel schakelt. Als je de cabs in serie schakelt, telt de weerstand gewoon op: 2 x 8 ohm = 16 ohm. Dat is op zich geen probleem maar je versterker zal nog minder vermogen hebben daardoor, en dat wil je waarschijnlijk niet...

    I'm sorry, but it was easier in dutch... I presume that everyone knows what it was about ;)

    Correct. So make sure your cabs can handle at least 225 watts.
  11. Thanks Tom,
    that was cristal-clear....

    I will probably get a 8ohm 4x10 cabinet and play with the 275 output of the Ampeg... later on I might get a 1x15 8 ohm and play with the SVT-3's full power...

    but back on topic... the Ampeg SVT210E might be to small for my usage (loud metalband)... I'll save some more money and get that 8 ohm 4x10 cabinet (don't know about the brand yet).
  12. I agree! When you're in a metalband, one 2x 10 won't work... I know because I was in a metalband for several years. I had a SVT IIIpro and an svt 8 x 10 cab and still had to push it! :bassist:
  13. On this ohmage issue again :d
    I think I finally got it...

    for example:
    I could make a setup with my SVT-3 Pro and 4 (!) 4x10 4ohm cabinets (or 2x 4x10 and 2x 1x15):

    output 1: 4x10 (1) 4 ohm > 4x10 (2) 4 ohm (8 ohm total)

    output 2: 4x10 (3) 4 ohm > 4x10 (4) 4 ohm (8 ohm total)

    so the amp would drive at full power (4 ohm - 450 watts... and still no problems with wrong setups, right?) Damn, that would look nice, but would it sound nice?? :D

    BTW, can one easily hookup cabinets in series; does every cabinet have a in and output jack?

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