SOLD Feeler: 1987 Pedulla MVP 4-string

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    I'm curious to see what interest may be out there for a 1987 Pedulla MVP 4-string.

    I bought the bass used, obviously, a little over two years ago, before moving from central Illinois to Nashville, Tennessee. I've always admired Doug Johns' playing, and I wanted to check a Pedulla MVP off my basses-to-own list. As it turns out, almost all of my playing these days is split between my Roscoe Century Standard Plus 5er, Lakland DJ5, and Lakland BG p bass. This bass should definitely be owned by someone who will actually play it.

    I'm attaching a ton of pictures. This bass is absolutely beautiful, but it definitely has its fair share of wear. For that reason, I'd really prefer to sell it to someone who can actually come to inspect and play it for themselves.

    There is one area in particular on the bass up toward the top of the neck that initially worried me when I purchased the instrument – where the fretboard meets the neck there's a visible crack – but I got it checked out by an experienced luthier/tech shortly after receiving the instrument, and he assured me that it's not liable to spread and is fine and actually to be expected given the age of the instrument. That being said, again, I'd really like you to see and play this bass for yourself if you're interested in it. I have absolutely no desire to screw anyone over and create a debacle. I wish I knew more about how to properly inspect instruments myself. :spit:

    The frets are in great shape considering the age of the bass. There is a little bit of fret wear but nothing crazy.

    Beyond that, the bass has Bartolini electronics and pickups and sounds great. The notes seem to jump off of the ebony fretboard in a way I had never before experienced when I first got the bass. Great tone.

    I guess if there are any further questions, let me know! I'm mainly just gauging interest at this point in time. The price seems fair to me, but I'm not totally sure what the going rate for these instruments is. (?) I guess the typical market price will make itself clear...


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  2. Pretty nice!!! Wouldn't you agree, @Bulltrout?
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    Lol...I sent him a PM already
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  4. Me too... :thumbsup:
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    i've got the exact same bass! cool to see it
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  6. This one would seem to be gone (should have updated sooner – my bad). Practically a done deal pending payment and shipment tomorrow.
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  7. And sold, as expected. Thanks, everyone, for the interest!
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