TRADED Feeler: 2001 Fender MIA Hot Rod Precision PJ

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    1,200 OBO
    Thanks for looking!!! This is totally a for sale/trade FEELER and I may come to my senses and keep it at any time. Long story short, I have been sick for 6 months; still sick; out of work the whole time and still unable to work; need cash. But hate to sell this, and would love to keep it or get another great bass in its place if I could. G.A.S. is a sickness just as much as anything else sometimes!!:banghead::banghead::banghead: I just want to test the waters to see what kind of offers I can get on it for both cash and trade. So feel free to offer either.
    Here are the details of this killer bass:

    Fender Made In America Hot Rod Precision
    Model Year - 2000 or 2001 ??
    Serial Number - Z0141818
    Nut Width - 1 5/8
    Weight - 10 lbs. (give or take half a pound on my bathroom scale)
    Maple Neck w/ Rosewood Fretboard
    Tort Pickguard

    I just picked this up in a trade this week from a great friend who wanted some of my other stuff that I was selling locally. He upgraded the pickups to the EMG Signature Geezer Butler PJ Bass Pickup Set. I never heard the bass before the Geezer pups, but now this bass sounds absolutely killer. My friend said the Geezer pickups made a huge difference for the better over the stock pups that were in the bass. That being said, I DO HAVE THE ORIGINAL PICKUPS for the bass for whoever wants the bass; they would come with it.
    I played this thing for maybe an hour this week, and set it down, because I did not want to play it again. I knew I would want to keep it if I did. It plays like butter. Nice low action; great variety of tones and it is just an all around killer bass. I read reviews about how great these basses were and that they only made them a few years and such. I totally agree with the reviews; these basses are killer. Best Fender I personally have ever played, hands down.
    I took pics of any little place I could find on the bass (just to be thorough) and used a guitar pick to show the size in comparison. The neck has a bit of "checking" I think it is called. But nothing you can feel at all. It is super smooth all the way up and down. The pickguard has some swirling on it. But nothing major looking to me. The bass has been played, but is still in great overall shape, and the frets are in great shape and have tons of life left on them.
    On the headstock, there is a place where I am ASSUMING the store where it was bought had a sticker on the bass or something?? I am not sure. But you can see the shape of something on the back of the headstock. It may be something that would sand off; I have not tried and won't, unless I decided to keep the bass for myself. If anybody else has seen anything like this please let me know what can be done for it.

    Please PM me with any offers of trades or cash offers. Thanks in advance on that!!!

    Asking $1,200 or best offer or trade for the bass.
    I don't have the original case, but it can be shipped in your choice of a Fender gig bag, Chromacast hardshell case, or even a Warwick Rockbag, as I have several of those.

    Enough of my rambling; here are some pics, and a Photobucket link where you can see more:




















    FenderHotRodPrecision087_zps1d9a0a71.gif Hot Rod
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  2. Bump for a cool guy and an awesome bass!!!!

    Great to meet you!!
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    Great meeting you too Dirk!!!! Thanks so much!! Awesome meeting such a cool fellow bass and guitar player. My pleasure for sure!
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    May 5, 2011
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    TTT......... answered several PM's and had several nice offers but nothing yet. Here are some trade ideas that I would be interested in:

    Trade Bait
    5 String Basses (especially Warwick German Made basses or P Bass 5'ers)
    5 String + Cash (from you: I can't add cash)
    Aguilar Gear (no effects)
    Line 6 Pedalboards (HD500 Pod or similar)
    Les Paul Guitars (Gibson or Epi's)

    Hit me up with any trade ideas; you never know!!!
  5. Interested in a MTD Kingston Z6 six string?
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    May 5, 2011
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    TTT.... getting a lot of great offers... still taking cash and trading offers for now.
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    May 5, 2011
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    Traded locally.....