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SOLD Feeler F/S or F/T Steinberger q5 w/ Bartolini's

Discussion in 'For Sale: Bass Guitars' started by eban3, Dec 16, 2011.

  1. eban3

    eban3 Supporting Member

    Apr 29, 2007
    Palm Bay FL
    Sadly Considering parting with my 1997/98?? q5 that I originally purchased from Haight Ashbury music in San Fransisco, This bass is one of a rare run of active Bartolini factory installed pick ups ,This run of basses was assembled by OMI(Gibson Subsidiary) of Huntington Beach and then sent back to Steinberger Nashville for QC. Never totally happy with the sound of these particular Bartolini's, 2 years later I met with Bill Bartolini out at his Livermore facility , we discussed what kind of sound I was looking for and I left the bass with Bill for several days,apparently he was never happy with the pick ups that Steinberger chose for this one of run of q5's either ,so he was happy to work on the problem ,the bass has a very warm palate of sounds ,it will emulate a P bass perfectly but it will also growl like a J bass if eq'd correctly ,The original HAZ labs pre amp was replaced by Bill B with a 2 band stacked knob 9or 18 v NTBT pre amp ,I personally like the way it sounds with 9 v better , balance knob and volume knob which is a push pull active/passive knob as well which I requested. Bill had wanted to put a mid boost in there (which could still be done ) but I wanted the active/passive ,the bass plays beautifully ,with some of the lowest action I've ever seen on a Steinberger ,there are a few small scratches & tiny dings ,one in particular near the neck pick up(see photo) , and some minor fret wear ,see photo ... but nothing major.Neck is quite straight (almost zero relief) ,NO ISSUES HERE .I might be interested in a lined frettless 5 string or possibly another lighter fretted 5 this bass now weighs a bit to much for me (11 lbs?) since an injury to my neck which is why I'm possibly looking to part with it comes with the original worn gig bag but I wouldnt trust it ,I use something else when i travel ....asking 2k

    photos here
    steinberger pictures by eban3 - Photobucket

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