SOLD Feeler: FrankenFender Jazz

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    So... just am not a Jazz (body) guy... looking to part ways with my (recent) FrankenFender assembly/build. NBBD redux

    Here is a list of ‘parts’:
    Geddy Lee body (70’s pu spacing)- notch dremeled for TR adjustment
    American Professional J neck (‘narrow tall’ frets)
    Fender Vintage high-mass bridge
    Seymour Duncan Apollo
    (linear humbucking) pups
    Tort guard- notch dremeled for TR adjustment
    CTS 250 pots / Orange Drop cap .047uf @ 100v
    Fender Corona neckplate
    Fender ‘A’ stealth string retainer (orig. washer included)
    Will come with a fairly new set of GHS Pressurewounds
    This neck was Plek’d (receipt shown)

    Things I’ve done which may, or may not, be a concern for buyer (shown in pics):
    1. I removed GL bridge & installed Fender Vintage Hi-mass bridge (some ‘indent’ lines are in the body from (larger) GL bridge- more noticeable in pics than in person)
    2. I always ‘round-off’ pu corners where I place thumb- new owner can replace cover if desired.
    3. I dremeled a notch in body & pg... this is a $10.00 pg from Amazon. If a new one is purchased- would ‘cover’ notch in body- just remove pg to access tr adjustment!

    $550.00 + shipping (no case/bag- but packed well). I realize I’ll never recoup monies ‘invested’- but do have close to $1,200.00 in this.

    A139870D-D577-4CAA-900E-3F29768E08B3.jpeg 3F90C288-B38B-44DC-B973-4B37369F3D60.jpeg 7D0D8978-BC1D-4868-926F-56DBBD41AA3E.jpeg C15A401A-79A0-40E5-8D74-103B4CF43E39.jpeg 264AC922-5647-4953-B639-E52661C328C7.jpeg 7482184F-C687-45A4-A0BA-1695473707AD.jpeg 8A69D385-069C-4DFF-974D-EC94DAE67753.jpeg 0AC6592B-9879-4EEA-A951-DCAD062E70F9.jpeg 55BB1804-5145-497C-9304-9C0675B5330D.jpeg B677075B-BAD6-4E1F-9E4C-70DF5D71D575.jpeg 01078ED6-CAF1-4B09-9E8D-1EA572A72F77.jpeg 2AD52E56-7A26-446C-AEF2-60FDA7C41373.jpeg
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  2. Nice bass. The neck & pickups alone make this bass a steal of a price!
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    Best deal on Tb. Wish I could use it. Glwts
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    Just a heads up your address is in one of the screen shots you might want to blur that out...
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    On hold...
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    SOLD to ‘birminghambass’... ofta AL!
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