SOLD Feeler:FS/FT: Stewart World Power 2.1 and Warwick 8 space rack bag

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  1. I'm considering going a new route with a "micro" style head so up for possible sale or trade is my great condition 2.1... Works 100% and has just the minor rack rash that you won't see in the rack...
    I have two ProCo FatMax 8 gauge speaker cables... One 3' and one 6' with banana end to speakon end... $150.00 in cables!
    The Warwick 8 unit "Rock Bag" has been sold.

    Trade update: if you have a TC RH450 and carry bag, I'm willing to trade my stewart, the cables, my warwick 6 space rack bag and furman PL plus... Just drop a preamp in and you hace a crushing amp!

    Stewart World 2.1: $550.00 Shipped Con. US

    Warwick 8 space rack bag in new condition: SOLD
    Paypal prefered...

    I'm interested in for trade?
    TC electronics RH450
    EDEN WTX-500
    Entertaining any offers

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  2. Bump and will sell the Stewart 2.1 alone with no cables for $550.00.

    I'm leaning towards wanting the TC RH450... So I' offer the Stewart with cables, the Rack Bag and $100.00 for your excellent condition RH450...

  3. Bump for a TC - RH450 Trade???? and I'll throw in a Barber Electronics Linden EQ pedal to make it the complete Amp rig... I've run the Linden into the Stewart and its got a total Ampeg vibe! Huge... 17 Pound amp in a 6 pound rack - with upto 2100 Watts avaliable!
  4. Rack Bag pics added
  5. One mor Pic

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  6. Bump with Pics of the Stewart

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  7. vpbass


    Jul 6, 2005
    dana point ca
    Still available? Just the amp.
  8. Still Here... Hit me a PM to talk. Thanks
  9. Rack is SOLD and Shipped... Anyone have an EDEN WTX-500 Head and want to trade for my Stewart 2.1?
  10. BUMP
  11. Bump
  12. BUMP - Lots of PMs answered and som great offers to entertain but I'm really wanting either an EDEN WTX-500 or TC RH450. Will entertain offers.

    For an RH450- I will trade the amp, the cables and the 6 space warwick rack bag and the furman pl plus.

    OR Priced to sell the Stewart 2.1 for $525.00 Shipped - $500.00 Cash Local Pick up to Baltimore area.

    Stewart and 2 FAT MAX cables at $600.00 Shipped.
  13. Closing the thread but will relist it with a new como of offerings
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