SOLD Feeler: Gorgeous Mint EB MM Stingray New*/Like New

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    I thinking of selling my mint 2007 Stingray (bought new 8-08--but keep reading. Explanation of the New* aspect below). It sounds great, plays great, but I just like playing my old Fenders more than this bass. It's had less playing time than anything I've owned.


    I bought this new from Bass Central several years back. I was thinking of selling it last year and was getting ready to take some pics just float it out there. Then I noticed to my horror that by the bridge the finish was pushing up at the neck end of the plate. I talked to EB about it after hearing of another such situation. It was out of warranty so they offered to sell me another body for my old one and $750--and me paying the shipping. I had another conversation and it went up the food chain and they came back with a lesser figure. The bass was in pristine and was too nice a bass to let it have such a flaw that would likely get worse. So I pulled the trigger and sent them my old body (and $$$) and they made new a body that was in the same finish (Black Cherry, which is not common). They updated battery box and reinstalled all the electronics. The neck is wonderful to play and looks great with frets shining like new chrome and the hardware also looks new.

    The bass is like new. It looked that way before, but with a brand new MM body, it's kind of half new. As a result, I'm thinking of selling it before there's a mark on it. Since the new body I've played it three times and no matter how much I want to love it, it's just not for me. As a result, I'm willing to eat the price of the new body to move it along while pristine. I'm not hard pressed to sell it but I've got plenty of basses I'd much rather play so it's silly for it to sit around, so here it is unless I change my mind.

    In the pic of the case is the invoice from EB to verify the history.

    Comes with like new HS case and any case candy I can find.

    $1,250 Shipped to CONUS (insurance extra if you want it).

    The pics don't do this justice at all. The grain and finish is typical of EB quality. I'm not photographer but will gladly try more if asked, but the new body looks like a new body should.

    Thanks for looking!







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    Payment Pending...