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US: Northeast FEELER: Long Island / NYC / NY area oogle each other's stuff club...

Discussion in 'Social Events and Get Togethers [BG]' started by cosmicevan, Dec 2, 2018.

  1. cosmicevan

    cosmicevan ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    As a bass geek, it excites me to check out stuff I've read about and/or been curious about. I love comparing things (for science purposes ofcourse) and letting my ears decide and I love sharing the stuff I've got and hearing what others think of it and being able to talk about this stuff in general in a non-music store/guy trying to sell me something environment.

    While these big fancy get togethers are heaps of fun on social levels and geekery levels, they are really hard to organize and usually there are only small handfuls of people available for a given date. As such, I'm thinking, maybe we can use THIS thread to connect folks in the NYC and surrounding suburb areas for some mutual oogling of gear and basses? So many of us are into boutique stuff you can't find anywhere to test out and/or have intimate knowledge about a variety of production stuff making a discussion/tutorial that much more valuable than talking to the local music store rep while having a volume contest against your town's newest guitarist who thinks they are a rockstar.

    I'm thinking it would be cool to have an ongoing dialogue for local bassists to be able to arrange smaller versions of get togethers to check out each others' stuff. I've been chatting with some local players I know through this site about getting together to try out each others pedals and basses and it could be cool to get 4 or 5 or 3 of us together instead of just in pairs. If you are local to the Long Island / NYC / surrounding areas and this concept interests you, post in here, follow the thread, let's make it happen. There are days here and there where it would be cool for me to have a bassist or 3 swing by to hang, check out gear & basses and geek out...maybe have a beer or 3 and order in some pizza for a few hours and talk about the stuff no one else in our life really cares about?

    Just really looking to be able to put a few of us locals together for connections...and to open things up to bass tourists. If you are coming into town and can toss a pedal or 2 in your luggage and have the ability to spend a few hours one of the days you are in town with other bassists to geek out, that could be cool too.

    THE ASK:
    if this appeals to you, post in here with a link or just details about your available gear/basses and over time we can toss some dates out that might be cool to get together with a cap on the people depending who is hosting.

    so for me:
    - I can host 1 or 2, maybe 3 players pretty much any evening from 8p - 11ish (and yeah we can play with amps, just not too crazy loud) and could certainly do a weekend or earlier start time here or there if planned in advance
    - I can offer up a variety of pedals for folks to try and talk about (I try to keep my profile and sig details up to date, but it can get hard to keep up ;) ) and a pair of carl thompsons (32" and 36" scales), a 6 string Morch which is about to be traded and I have some guit*rs and other gizmos to make noise.

    Maybe I'm crazy? Maybe I drank 2 too many tonight? Or maybe I've got a great idea!?!
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