Feeler: Skjold Whaleback or Malinek Physical 6 fretless

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  1. You want one of the best basses there is (think F-bass, Fodera, Drozd etc.) but you think you cannot afford one?
    Think again: Here's your chance:

    Located in the Netherlands, Europe.

    Need some cash so my spare 6-er has to go for around € 1550,- / $ 2000,- or send me an offer.
    (There's a chance I might bring it to your place soon if you live somewhere around New York)
    (The Skjold is going back to it's original owner)

    E-mail: [email protected]

    This wonderfull artwork of craftsmanship has the tightest B string on this planet and it's sound is overwhelming rich. If you like the well-known Bartolini sounds then you will fall in love with this beauty.

    Peter Malinek Physica Bass:
    * ebony fingerboard
    * MEC m60206 active pu's
    * stringspacing 17 mm.
    * strings through body
    * Koa body
    * Spalted maple top
    * Neck: Ahorn
    * Gotoh tuners
    * Bartolini pre-amp
    * active/passive volume push/pull, blend, bass, treble

  2. Recorded today directly without effect or eq:

    You can listen to them with the normal left-mouse-click or
    You can download them with a right-mouse-click and choose the option ' save as':

    Bridge pu (low quality mp3)
    http://www.utapia.nl/sound/Malinek bridge pu.mp3

    Bridge pu (high quality wav)
    http://www.utapia.nl/sound/Malinek bridge pu.wav

    Neck pu (low quality mp3)
    http://www.utapia.nl/sound/Malinek neck pu.mp3

    Neck pu (high quality wav)
    http://www.utapia.nl/sound/Malinek neck pu.wav

    Both pu's blended (low quality mp3)
    http://www.utapia.nl/sound/Malinek both pu blended.mp3

    Both pu's blended (high quality wav)
    http://www.utapia.nl/sound/Malinek both pu blended.wav