For Sale *FEELER* Steinberger Spirit Bass XZ-2

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    Feb 13, 2013
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    Weight: 7lbs 6oz

    Body: Ash

    Neck: Maple

    Neck Width at Zero Fret: 1.625"

    Neck Material: 3-piece Hard Maple

    Neck Joint: Bolt

    Controls: Volume/Blend/Bass&Treble stacked

    Fingerboard: Rosewood

    Fingerboard Radius: 14”

    Scale Length: 34”

    String spacing: 16mm

    Frets: 24

    A111EC5C-6FCA-4CB8-B0DB-32F285FEC55C.jpeg 5A7C776A-E9E4-48F0-9D3A-F94D5403D4DE.jpeg AA96BBD7-2E41-4931-A9B8-D0F62DAAFB26.jpeg 14DDD60C-EAC9-4116-AFB8-F584B3ABAB66.jpeg 0C0C6043-A2DF-40D0-A874-353428E4224C.jpeg 5CDEEB5F-34D8-4E80-90FE-50F79938471A.jpeg EABC1F43-631C-44E5-9BDE-29068DEF3CD7.jpeg 78B67B30-8193-46F3-89EC-6FDC4A8EB133.jpeg 7498580E-E994-46B5-98D6-ADFBD380B9AB.jpeg EFC61FB6-FA32-4831-852B-C38FDE9D58F3.jpeg 8693AADE-1480-4FDF-8B9F-64D97F5007B0.jpeg 0A0D15BC-9CCB-4A85-BC05-1799F4C76D8B.jpeg CA9F0DEE-944B-443C-9818-3C31A62D26C8.jpeg 1EE5B136-E6AB-44D6-94C6-E50C44E9BE81.jpeg 40B509B3-2572-4CFD-83B7-6158A280ACEC.jpeg

    The electronics have been upgraded to EMG HBCS pickups and installed an EMG BTC Preamp to go with the pickups. I do not have the original pickups as they were non functioning during the time I owned the bass but no worries, the upgrade was needed and it absolutely destroys on the tone department!

    There’s absolutely no issues with this Bass other than a few light marks around the body from play use and some buckle rash behind the body (as usual). Two screws are missing from the backplate (does not effect playability) but can be easily replaced with new ones.

    Has D’addario Strap Locks (I have the original strap buttons in the box) and I’ll include the adaptor with this bass so you can use single ball strings.

    This bass will be shipped with a Gator Transit gig bag. I’m also willing to meet up locally in the Los Angeles/SoCal areas. No TRADES PLEASE!!

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