SOLD Feeler: Tokai P-Bass ; MIJ Fender 70 or 80s Replica - Local SoCal Trade for 5 string

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  1. from original closed thread w/ old pics before mods
    New Pics Here[email protected]/sets/72157634669554102/

    I have a Old Japanese P-Bass for Trade. "lawsuit" bass. one of those. its cream white with a deep red pearloid pickguard. The script logo reads "Tokai Custom Edition - Quality Musical Instruments of the World ". Made in Japan. Serial # 226161 . I'd say this bass could be dated a from late 1970s-early 1980s. i cant say i know the exact year. One piece maple neck. Hipshot light tuners, badass II bridge. Under 10llbs. I'd say 9. I cannot weight it.

    So here's what's changed about this bass since it was last posted. Routed for PJ setup. New Nordstand PJ set put in. J is a single coil. Schaller strap locks. Controls are as follows: Volume, Tone, 3-way selector toggle switch. New Pots, orange drop capacitor, bla bla bla. currently has a set of D'Addario Chrome flats. excellent sounding bass. excellent quality, woodwork, with all hardware and electronic upgrades, its got scratches here and there, there's a small chip from the route of the j pickup but was touched up (check out the pics). Regardless, this is in great shape for how old it is, still has LOTS of fret life on it.

    Trades Considered: MIA Fender Standard Jazz V, MIM Fender Jazz V, MTD 5 (i'll put cash on top if needed). I'm expecting at least a $550 straight trade value. If your 5 string is less than 550 in value, shoot me a PM anyway, we'll see what we can do. I do not have another bass in possession so it will be just a trade for now.

    Its unfortunate that i have to let this one go. i put alot into it. but i need that 5!

    [DEL]****This bass is now for sale $500 local/cash only. Los Angeles, Ca. [/DEL] ***TRADED***

    Pics in link above.
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    Tokai's are amazingly good quality basses. Highly recommended!
  3. thanks! its hit or miss with these basses. this ones great. pics are up
  4. now for sale $500 cash/local
  5. Traded.
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