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Feeling generous/overburdened!

Discussion in 'For Sale: Effects and Pedals' started by dlenaghan, Dec 7, 2012.

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  1. Prices include shipping via EMS w/signature confirmation. Their average delivery time is 5 days, worldwide. I ship from Seoul. Obviously I don't spend money wisely. If prices seem weird - ask. It's late at night, I've split two bottles of wine, and I'm doing currency conversions from Korean won. Pics on request. Everything looks as it should, though. The only really unusual thing here is the late 60s EHX Mole.
    TRADES: Possibly +/- cash for Tech21 reverb (only with trails), harmonizers (Rainbow Machine, Organizer etc), or something like the Infanem Faye Sing.

    Fairfield Circuitry:
    [del]Randy's Revenge ring mod. [del]275[/del] 225!! Like new w/box. (300 new.)[/del] SOLD
    [del]Unpleasant: (http://www.monkeytar.co.kr/front/php/product.php?product_no=5256&main_cate_no=774&display_group=1) I'll take [del]150USD[/del]135. Like New w/box (175 new.)[/del]
    [del]Four Eyes: (http://www.monkeytar.co.kr/front/php/product.php?product_no=5259&main_cate_no=51&display_group=2) I'll take [del]200USD[/del]150!!. Velcro w/box. (They are 225 new.)[/del]SOLD

    [del]ZVex Mastrotron clone. (http://zvex.com/mastotron.html) Built by John K of Kallas Custom. Amazing build. Re-housed by Dann DubbleWe (http://www.talkbass.com/forum/f36/praise-danndubblewe-907485/). Any doubts of his skill, well.. check out his site. If you're not convinced, I won't talk you into it. (http://johnkvintageguitars.homestead.com/) 100USDwon. ON HOLD LOCALLY[/del] SOLD

    Infanem Second Voice v2 w/ expression control. A fuzz and harmony synth with de-tuning for +1 or -1 octaves and intervals. All analog. Blend the harmony with either a dry instrument signal or a fuzz with adjustable range/tone. $125 (They're 180 new, I believe.)

    [del]Barge Concepts Blender. With optional expression input and phase correction, 100USD. (http://www.bargeconcepts.com/vbjr.html)[/del] SOLD

    [del]Custom MSLP (Make Sounds Loudly of Oregon, USA) fuzz with parallel parametric EQs (two separate channels, custom etched twin blue whales) with feedback loop. 300 to build. Yours for 130USD. ON HOLD LOCALLY [/del] SOLD

    [del]Iron Ether Xerograph Deluxe: velcro on the back, otherwise in like new condition. 180 shipped.[/del]SOLD

    EHX Mole Bass Driver. Vintage, late 60s. With box, intrnal 9v battery only. [del]100,ooo won[/del] 80 shipped! (On determining the date: I had to email EHX a while back about this one, as well as survey a boatload of similar boxes. Seems this is one of their first, along with the famous Linear Booster. Initially it appears the script was plain as it is on this one but turned into a rather funky font in the early 70s. So, very soon after they started, probably near the LPB. No records though of the time so it's only an educated guess.) Flickr link:http://www.flickr.com/photos/76687705@N03/7454089560/

    [del]Arion Parametric EQ. 30USD.[/del] SOLD LOCALLY

    [del]MXR Bass Octaver. 100USD. ON HOLD LOCALLY[/del] SOLD

    [del]EBS Multicomp compressor, black label (true bypass model). 100USD. Works extremely well in combination with the MXR Octaver.[/del] SOLD

    [del]Dr Scientist mini-Berator (Reverb). Same specs as the previous RRR, smaller footprint. Red TV sparkle finish. [del]180.00[/del] 150!! shipped (They're 225 new). With box and manual, stickers etc.[/del]

    Chamber of Sounds Jupiter T theresynth. A light sensitive/touch sensitive theremin-ish device. This is v2, so no power LED and no battery compartment. Can use an external battery or 9v power, but incorrect polarity will fry this bad boy. So make sure your polarity's correct or use a battery. [del]200[/del] 175!!! shipped. (They're 265 new.) (http://www.chamberofsounds.com/devices/jupiter-3-0) EDIT: Some extra details on the synth - it does have a line in trigger input, but doesn't track pitch, so while it's great for adding layers to a looped drum or bass track, it won't follow you up and down the neck, nor will your dynamics alter the modulation, only the knobs on the unit do that. It works great with my OneSpot or any other regulated, polarity-correcting power brick, in fact I'd recommend it to be on the safe side. An odd quirk I just noticed during a test: it seems that touching either of the touch contacts will initiate the signal, you don't actually need to touch both. The amount of skin touching the contact does regulate the intensity of the signal, though.
  2. LSMFT6

    LSMFT6 Supporting Member

    Aug 16, 2006
    Depending on how some new pedals that i'm getting next week sound, i'll jump on that VB-Jr . . .

    Unofficial dibs! :D
  3. SirMjac28

    SirMjac28 Patiently Waiting For The Next British Invasion

    Aug 25, 2010
    The Great Midwest
    PM sent
  4. You ask, "Why?" I say, "INFANEM's new Second Voice Deluxe!"
  5. morebassbaby

    morebassbaby Supporting Member

    Jan 26, 2001
    Pm sent!
  6. Some extra info on the synth added. Trigger input yes - but it makes its own sound, it won't process your bass. So while it might be a great addition to a drum machine or a looped bass track as a rhythmic, measured trigger for its super 70s space ageitude, you can't set it to a tracking pitch or a set carrier frequency as you might do with a Moog FreqBox.
  7. Bump to add a Xerograph Deluxe for 180, velcro on the back, otherwise perfect cosmetic and functional condition. Shipped and signed, 180 worldwide.
  8. Xero is sold. Damn, that was fast. Bump for a pic. (Finally! I know..) I also have a 1979 Boss NF-1 in its original box. Used to be great at keeping the hum and hiss out, but I don't have the space, and I found other solutions, namely, a better power supply.
  9. bpullar


    Jan 4, 2013
    Is it possible to make a deal for the EHX Mole and the FC Unpleasant?
  10. Sure thing, send along an offer and we'll work something out.
  11. And the Mini-Verb is on hold pending payment.
  12. And Red is SOLD.
  13. PMs replied.
  14. Unpleasant is sold on ILF! Only 2nd Voice w/CV mod, Jupiter T Synth, and old school Mole driver left.
  15. Someone wants a Second Voice for a fraction of its cost! Who's feeling synthy today?
  16. Bump
  17. Price drop: 2nd Voice 105 shipped! EHX Mole 65 Shipped! Theresynth 150 shipped! There's nothing sadder than a pedal in a closet.. ;-)
  18. PMs replied.

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