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feels like im wasting my time sometimes!

Discussion in 'Band Management [BG]' started by Microbass, Apr 30, 2005.

  1. just feel the need to vent a little.
    we're going up to Falkirk to play a show tonight, and then 10mins ago, Keith pops this one on me:

    Haigie says:
    cant wait to play tonght
    Senor Jobbyman says:
    i dont wanna go
    Senor Jobbyman says:
    Senor Jobbyman says:
    i wanna see abby [his g/f]

    i know every band has it's downsides, and he will be playing tonight. it's gunna be a cramped 50minute journey up there, i just cant be bothered knowing he'd rather be somewhere else.
    it's never been a big issue before, often he'll want to be with her, and i can appreciate that, and its not like she is abusing his feelings, but he does see her every frickin' day.
    im bustin my ass for this band, but theres very little appreciation floating around, apart from when we do have a good show. gah.

    how are we today? :)
  2. See the post about "bass or me!" The dude is now a bass player without a girlfriend. Wise decision. But Abby is not even asking for this type of decision. Jobbyman needs to put things into perspective. Sounds like he's pw'd. Do you have that saying in Scotland? "Kitty" whipped? Can't she go to the gig too? :crying:

    I play with players who want to be there. Who HAVE to groove. Don't do me any favours by just showing up to play when you'd rather be elsewhere. Get thee elsewhere chumly!

    Good luck tonight.
  3. ireidt


    Mar 6, 2005
    that sucks man. Sounds like the first band I was in, I was playing bass, they all got mad because I wanted to hang with my girlfirned...but I never said that...

    Then they tried to get another bass player with out telling me, it was the drummers girlfriend.

    Then they yelled at me for nto going to rpactice, when they wouldnt tell me when practice was.

    I would reccomend, looking for someone who is reliable.
  4. I'll add a word of caution here. I dont know how long you've been together but consider this.

    Band chemistry is everything. It shapes everything you do together, your music, shows, recording....everything. Sure you can get some one else to play his part but would it have the same vibe, personality? When you guys play does the music take on a life of it's own? Do you feel where each other is coming from musically, anticipate each other?

    Dont be in too big of a hurry to kick that to the curb.

    Sometimes I wanna kick our guitarist in the sac for being the irresponsible, immature flake that he is but I keep it in check..... most of the time. Sometimes being tight in a band means having to give a friend or bandmate a verbal uppercut to the chin to make them step back and see whats happening.

    There are tons of bands I could get into (I've been thinking about it) but none of them would have the same magik.

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