Fellow bassists gear stolen

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  1. Thomguy


    Oct 15, 2001
    New York, USA
    Hey all. Our brother Steve posted the following message. Keep your eyes open while searching Ebay and gear sections of these forums.

    Early this morning our trailer got broken into, and most everything was stolen. Among the missing items was my brand new USA CUSTOM GUITARS 51 P Bass. Most of the other guitars were really nice insturments, ones that would deffinintly stick out in a pawn shop, flea market, used guitar store, or guitar convention. If you see any of these guitars, please let me know at [email protected]. In the San Antonio area you can call the SAPD (case # 01-697548) . Here is a list of the missing items.

    Gibson J-200 acoustic guitar (natural maple finish)
    Gretsch 6120 W guitar (orange finish with western inlays & G brand, Bo Diddley's autograph on back of headstock)
    Gretsch 6120 (blue finish)
    USA Custom "51-P Bass" (natural finish, one piece ash body, black pearl pickguard, top load bridge NOT string thru, 1.5 inch at the nut, no serial #)
    G&L ASAT (telecaster style, sunburst finish)
    Fender acoustic guitar
    Carter pedal steel guitar (9pedal, 5 knee lever, 2 tone black & turquoise finish)
    Carvin R-1000 bass amp
    Peavey Nashville 1000 guitar amp
    3 guitar effect / equipment cases containing various tuners, cables, & effect pedals
    1 bass equipment bag containing tuner & cables
    1 box assorted Eleven Hundred Springs T-Shirts
    1 case Eleven Hundred Springs CD's