fellow bassmen, HELP!

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  1. hey everybody, i havent posted in a long while but i am in need of help. recently i had my main bass stolen and i need to replace it. my bass (BERTHA) was an Ibanez SR406 with straplocks EMGs and other upgrades, i need a replacement quick. i have a fernandes gravity 6 as a backup but i need something better. thanks


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  2. Bruce Lindfield

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    So...you don't want any help from women then? ;)
  3. Marley's Ghost

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    Feb 9, 2002
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    OMG! BERTHA's been kidnapped! Let's form a task force to investigate! ;)

    Seriously, sorry to hear that. Almost nothing sucks more than having your gear stolen, especially your bass. That's really personal.

    Are you looking for an exact replacement for Bertha? Try placing a ad in the "equipment wanted" forum here. Or check Ebay, Harm Central, and the online stores.

    hmm..I think I dated a chick in the 70's who had "Banjo Pussy Whistle". Good thing it's not contagious!
    :D ;)

    Good luck finding your bass!
  4. yeah,i have been on ebay and im talking to a guy who has a fretless 6 but its all upgraded. i also checked bassnw bass gear musicians classifieds and here and ive only found a couple of quality instruments that im interested. plus im getting reamed by insurance and im gonna have to pay for most of it. any place else i should check?