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  1. Hi,

    I'm not sure what forum this should be in so I'll ask it here. About 28 years ago when I started playing bass, I started playing with these large felt picks. Within a few months I became a fingerstyle player and never looked back, except to jam on the occasional Yes tune. I recently was thinking about these old felt picks and am wondering...Do they still make these felt picks, and if so where might I find some. Most of my local music store guys look at me like I have 2 heads when I metion the felt picks.
    Thanks :confused:
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    Hah! When I was trying to sound like McCartney's Hofner in the late 60's, Mrx, I used felt picks with flatwounds to get that "thumpy" tone.

    They're ukulele picks....(sure lost their stiffness quickly for me!). If you don't have someplace local, check out a ukulele source like www.elderly.com to find them.
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    You can get them in almost any music store - at least here in Germany, I don't know why :p

    But I don't like them. I prefer thin Sharkfins - or my fingers of course.
  4. i'm actually going to move this to a different forum
  5. OK, I said I wasn't sure , but where is it going to be?:eek:
  6. I used to use them too, when I played an old Gibson G-3. Haven't seen them in decades. I didn't know they were ukelele picks. Learned something.

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    I keep a bunch around for my ABG.