SOLD Fender 1960 CS Jazz light relic.

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    May 17, 2007
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    Shell Pink Jazz 013.JPG Shell Pink Jazz 005.JPG Shell Pink Jazz 008.JPG Shell Pink Jazz 009.JPG Shell Pink Jazz 010.JPG Shell Pink Jazz 006.JPG

    I'm selling my 1960 CS Relic Shell Pink Jazz(2010). Gold hardware with d-tuner and original, matching headstock. I have the covers. It had 2 fingernail like marks on the back of the neck(2) that drove me nuts so I sent it to Philtone. I also found out it has a slight ski jump. So I had that fixed, and the nail like marks on back of neck. I also had it refretted and pleked and a bone nut put on. It also has a slight finish imperfection on the heel which you would never touch when playing(relic mark?). I'm mentioning this for full disclosure.
    It comes with the case candy and certificate. The bass plays excellent.
    No Trade offers please.

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  2. SJLee

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    Nov 7, 2007
    Cool bass! Does this have a matching head stock or is that just an optical allusion? Also, what is the weight on this beauty?


    May 17, 2007

    The headstock does match. I weighed it on my digital scale with me holding it, then not. 9.6lbs, plus whatever the covers weigh. Did it three times no change.
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    The neck looks killer on this bass, GLWTS
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