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Fender 350 Rumble combo and Ampeg combo question

Discussion in 'Amps and Cabs [BG]' started by smoon, Dec 31, 2012.

  1. smoon


    Dec 30, 2012
    Is there any possible way to wire an extension cabinet to a Fender Rumble 350 watt combo amp ?:atoz:

    What would be a good Ampeg combo amp that would take an extension speaker cabinet ?
  2. tabdog


    Feb 9, 2011
    You need to put a male 1/4 inch jack on a two
    conductor wire going through a hole you drill in
    the back of the cabinet and run it to the internal
    speaker. Then install a female 1/4 inch jack in a
    hole you drill in back of the cabinet. Run a two
    conductor wire between the amp speaker cable
    and the female jack. That way you can plug or
    unplug the internal speaker and plug in an external
    speaker, or the internal speaker, but not both.

    Any wires used should be at least 14 gauge wire.
    Jacks should be speaker jacks.

    The 350 combo is rated at 350 watts at 8 ohm.
    That probably means you can only run a 8 ohm
    or 16 ohm external speaker.

    It's strange. The 350 head will run 175 watts at
    8 ohms and 350 watts at 4 ohms. They say that
    the two amps are the same, but I don't believe

    Good luck

  3. smoon


    Dec 30, 2012
    Thank you ! So you can't run the internal and external speakers at the same time ?
  4. tabdog


    Feb 9, 2011
    You're welcome Smoon,

    No, I don't see how you can run both
    speakers at the same time.

    That is a frustrating thing about the 350
    combo in my opinion. I've had Rumble
    combos in the past and they just seem
    like practice amps to me.

    I bought the 350 head and can run two
    speakers that are rated 8 ohm each
    and it seems to have way more umph
    than the Combo. I'm real happy with the

    But, if you do the installation of the jacks
    like I described, you can run a 4X10 cab
    and that would probably make a big
    improvement in sound.

    I did that mod to a Peavey amp I used to
    have. That amp had a 12 inch JBL speaker
    and I could use it as an extension cab for
    a another amp. That wouldn't work as well
    for the 350 combo sense the speakers in
    the combo are not that good and it would
    be a heavy as hell 2X10 cab.

    Don't get me wrong. The 350 combo is a
    nice amp for what it is, but it should have
    been made with a speaker out jack. That
    keeps it from competing with other amps
    rated at 350 to 500 watts. I think this
    situation caused the 350 head to be a real
    sleeper of an amp. The head can compete
    but few realize that.

    That's just my opinion.

  5. I think the Rumble 350 combo is already running at 4ohms. The specs say that the 2 10" drivers are 8ohms.

    But the rest is what I would do if I wanted the option to switch from the internal drivers to external cab.
  6. JimmyM


    Apr 11, 2005
    Apopka, FL
    Endorsing: Ampeg Amps, EMG Pickups
    The Micro VR stack and the Portaflexes are the Ampeg combos that are expandable. They're both a head/cab deal, but you can bolt the PF heads to the cabs and flip it like the old B-15's, and the Micro VR 210av cab is super light, although a little lighter duty than the PF cabs. The vast majority of your less expensive combos aren't going to be expandable. Part of the reason they're less expensive is because they're not expandable...they can use a smaller head and run it at 4 ohms. Some will let you line out to a second combo, but you have to use the second combo's head.
  7. tabdog


    Feb 9, 2011
    I stand corrected.

    Thanks for the info. I read somewhere that
    the 350 combo ran at 8 ohm and never
    questioned it.

    Now it makes more sense to me,