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Fender 50th Anniversary Jaguar Guitar

Discussion in 'For Sale: Bass Guitars' started by alienstarguest, Nov 2, 2013.

  1. alienstarguest


    May 30, 2009
    I read the rules and didn't see anywhere that regular guitars are not allowed. If they are not allowed let me know. Looking for trade or sale on this. Purchase price would be $1495. I am a paid Talkbass subscriber and definitely bass player. But hey, I have some nice guitar stuff too. Mainly looking for Dingwall Bass right now. I realize that this guitar won't cut a whole deal on a Dingwall but it could be a start with cash added ? Also tempt me with such items as an Ovation Magnum II, in that case, the magnum owner would be in the hole on this one. I'll look at anything.

    50th Anniversary Jaguar (2012). This guitar is absolutely mint, like new and has less than ½ hour of playing time on it. Yep, played in grand total for maybe 15 minutes. I bought this for my wife who is a multi-instrumentalist but as it turned out, the Jag has a lot more switches and selectors than she cared to deal with for an electric guitar. I certainly understand, as it was Fender’s most complex instrument relative to available settings. The color is Burgandy Mist Metallic. I have the original receipt of purchase from Carpenter’s World of Music in Hagerstown MD. Paid $1855.84 including tax in May 2012 (I will include original receipt). Note: By being the holder of the original receipt, you retain any benefits of Fender’s lifetime Warranty. I don’t know of all of the detail but this covers any major problems with the instrument that may arise. Just something else nice to have if you purchase this guitar…. But likely this will never have to be used.

    I have had some experience with Vintage Jaguars in the past and I can say that this Anniversary model is better than any Vintage Jag that I have ever played. This is simply the best Jag that Fender has ever made. One reason for this is the slight modifications that Fender made. Instead of popping out a direct replica, Fender altered two important things that were not ideal on the originals. 1. Neck pitch has been optimized. 2. Tailpiece assembly moved closer to bridge. You can google up the details as to why these are beneficial changes, as I won’t get into that here.

    One other thing that makes this Anniversary piece so cool is that is has many traits of the original Jag as it came out in 1962, yet it adds the neck binding and block inlays of the Jag as it appeared in 1965. The best of all Jag worlds, with 2 major modern tweaks (optimized neck pitch and tailpiece). Other features that were left just as they were in 1962 are the vibrato and bridge. That is one Old School Bridge, love it. I also always loved the Saw Blade pickups, so glad they did not change that.

    The guitar comes with the original case. A high quality G&G (usa made) brown tolex case stocked with the Fender goodies and tags that typically accompany new guitars. It comes with the Trem bar (not shown in photos). The guitar still has the new plastic wrap on the pick guard. You will likely want to remove this yourself.

    Please note the guitar has not had a professional setup. With the nature of the Jag bridge, most folks like to set this up to their liking. Note that a lot of Jag players like to use flatwound strings, this one comes with roundwounds. So if you add flats, you might need to change setup anyway. For shipping the guitar will be down-tuned and will likely require some adjustments when you get it. According to most accounts, the best way to ship is not to loosen the strings entirely but rather down tune a couple of steps. For shipping, you want to keep tension on the neck but not full concert pitch (although that is usually ok too). In the past, some folks used to take off the strings to ship but that is clearly not the best method. If you have any specific requirements of your own please let me know as soon as you pay.


  2. cpanteliodis


    Aug 2, 2016
    is this still available?

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