No longer available Fender '57 Custom Pro 26-watt 1x15" Tube Combo Handwired PTP Amp - Like New

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    Selling my Handwired PTP Fender Custom Shop Pro 26-watt (loud and proud) '57 Custom Tweed Pro Amp. Pics available by request -- in Like NEW condition, all hangtags, Fender top-cardboard artwork, cover, manual etc in place.

    It's only a year old and has only had minor studio use (under 20hrs -- too many amps) -- looks and smells brand new and has never been outside.

    In addition to the amazing Eminence 15" Fender Special Design speaker it comes with, it also has an amazing WGS G15C speaker that I'll throw in with it -- also new, needs full breaking-in. The Eminence isn't broken-in fully either. The Eminence honks and is loud and articulate, the WGS is very clean and great for Strat players. Amp sounds incredible, great for live gigs or studio work, recording, and jam sessions.

    If you want the best, this is it -- hand wired at Fender Corona, CA USA in a pine cabinet (like the original) and made for the player who considers themselves a real vintage amp fanatic, and tone aficionado. Definitely a HOLY GRAIL tube amplifier, this '57 Reissue is no joke - the best components; even tweed snobs know it's the best of the Pro series.

    Handwired, Point-to-Point, and you'd never know there was a 15" in there... it can get all the highs of a Princeton and Deluxe Reverb, with the heft of a Twin Reverb (and none of the weight), plus the punch of 2 Bassman amps sitting side by side.

    She's loud and articulate. From Stratocaster, to Tele, to Les Paul, you won't be disappointed. Do your research/check out the videos and then email me.

    $1,950 includes Tweed/Vinyl Soft Cover, also still has original top cardboard art, tags, manual, etc. Will Ship to Your Door (TOP 48/Continental USA only) and Pack like a Beast.

    Have sold for years on Reverb and eBay, 100% feedback on both sites -- I go the extra mile for people because I know what it's like to purchase gear online from people who don't care about the value of a dollar, or what it's like to save for something you love.

    Serious inquiries only; happy to answer any questions related to the amp.

    ***Amp Retails at $2,499 - Get it Here Like New for Less with an Additional High-End Speaker to suit your tastes.

    These don't come up for sale, often, if EVER. Here's your chance.

    No trades; have a wall of amps and need to thin the herd.

    Video Demo by Fender

    Review by Premier Guitar

    Link to Specs and Details on Sweetwater
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    Did you sell this?