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  1. The new Fender Classic series 60's Jazz looks like a really nice bass to me and I was wondering If anyone here has played one. First off is it USA Made or MIM ??? Does it play real well like most American Fender Jazz basses do ? Does it have string through body down by the bridge ? And last but not least would this bass achive bassicly the same tone that you think of when you think about That Jazz bass sound in general ?

    What would be better, this bass or just a new American Fender Jazz ? or would they possibly be equal ?
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    Mar 26, 2002
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    Very good quality and playability.

    The parts list is very close to the American Vintage model.

    This offers vintage J tone, whereas an Am Series is a little more modern sounding. So, it depends what you want. This is very close to the AmV 62 J for about half the price.
  3. I've tried them out at the local GC. Really nice basses - might get me one when I have cash burning a hole in my wallet
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    I've tried a few in a few different stores & compared them to USA '62 RI's & I like the MIM 60's Classic alot better. The neck felt better, is souded better. YMMV.