Fender 62 Reissue Jazz _and_ J-retro box $650

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  1. I think this is a screaming package deal for somebody!

    I have a Daphne Blue 1962 Reissue Fender Jazz Bass, which was made in Japan in 1991 or so (serial # starts with L). This finish looks FANTASTIC -- sort of a cross between ice blue and seafoam green. Looks great with the aged w/b/w pickguard.

    Rosewood board, skinny vintage style fretwire, amazing tone and playability.

    Very clean condition, a few small dings here & there, but the bass looks mint from 3 feet away.

    Just set up with new strings, comes with HSC.

    ALSO, I'll throw in a J-retro Stompbox Preamp (these cost $313 new from dealers online). Without the pre, you get a super-lively-sounding vintage tone. Kick in the stompbox and you've got all the modern tones you'll ever need, with a vintage feel!
  2. the whole bass
  3. and the back of the bass
  4. are you interested in trades?
  5. I'm always glad to hear trades, but the only thing I can really see needing is a five- or six- string.
  6. Id love to take that bass off your hands, my jazz needs a partner :) but Im afraid all I have at the moment is hughes and kettner tube head and matching cabinet to trade, because I definately dont have money. good luck, hope it gets a good home!