Fender 62 vintage jazz re-issue

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  1. I just purchased a brand new Fender 62 jazz vintage series bass. I ordered through a dealer. It was what they call a special order and I had to pay up front for the order to be processed. It came in within about 4 days. I was all excited and drove right out to the store.
    The bass is beautiful but then I picked it up and noticed that the action was about a half of an inch off the fret board. It was about impossible to play and my left wrist was killing me within about a minute. I couldn't believe such poor quality on a new American series instrument. I have 3 other Fender basses that I purchased used (2 sight
    unseen), and I have had to do fret planing crowning and constant set up adjustment to get these to play acceptably. I thought that it was time to fork out the bucks and get a new bass that would be a player rather than an ongoing project.
    this thing I recieved is 10 times worse than any of my old basses.
    The dealer put it in to his tech in the shop in the back of the store, who agreed and has contacted Fender who is sending out a replacement neck. Meanwhile it is going on one month, I'm out the bucks and I still don"t have the bass!!!!!! Has anyone else experienced this and how much longer should I put up with this and or what can be done????? Thanks:(
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    Usually, Fender quality control is top noch. I've taken many out of cases & played great (for a Fender that is;)). It seems kinda weird that it's a brand new bass & you're getting a replacement neck. I would expect that Fender send you a new bass the bass that can't be fixed go back to Fender. Or it's a guitar tech that dosen't know his ass from his elbow. There are alot of things that could be going on that you don't know about. :( Since you got the bass in 4 day's see how long it takes to get the neck. If it seems like a on-going thing, DEMAND, don't ask, for your money back. If they say no, say you're gonna call the Better Business Beauro (bad spelling) because something seems fishy. IMO
  3. I am keeping a real close eye on how this one will be handled .....HOPING for the best but patienc may run thin,,,,, The instrument is in Inca silver and had a beautiful figure in the back of the neck (flame) and allthe way up through the headstock. Stores tech got the neck straight ok with truss rod but lots of buzzing(high frets) in the upper register. Thanks for the replys by the way!!!!!! Moral support goes a long way whe n a guy runs into something off the wall like this.......THANKS::)
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    Funny you should mention this problem, because the EXACT same thing happened to my '62 when I bought mine....10 years ago! I actually bought the base sight-unseen (it was my first instrument and music stores in my area didn't have anything to choose from), and was surprised that the action was so high. I actually learned how to play bass with action like that, believe it or not. In fact, while I've since had the bass set up a little better, I like the action high in general on all of my basses and play fingerstyle with a very heavy attack...probably because of my initial experiences. Keep in mind that this is a "vintage reissue" and that it isn't really meant to be a speed deamon. Still yet, the action shouldn't be that high and you should be able to get things worked out with a litte truss-rod action. The fact that your tech asked for a replacement neck is suspicious, and the fact that your bass was in inca silver and had flame figureing on the neck makes me question whether we're actually talking about a '62 to begin with. A '62 should have NO figure, should have a yellow "vintage" tint on the neck, and should only come in a few colors...3 tone sunburst, black, lake placid blue, white, etc. When you get your bass, look on the back of the neck. If there's a custom shop logo, you've got yourself a '64 reissue!!! Funk on.
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    Inca Silver is currently available on the 62 RI.
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    I have a 2000 62Ri Jazz USA in Lake Placid which I bought new and it was almost perfect for my playing "low action".I really enjoy this bass.Why didn't the dealer try to adjust neck right from the start?Does there tech no what they are doing?
    I always setup my own bass's myself.I think more bassist should learn this it's not that hard.I've heard way too many bass players that change their strings but dont even know how to intonate their bass.
    I dont know about your playing style but I tried about 8 different brands and types of strings on my 62 and when I put Pyramid Golds on it woke that bass right up.Thats all I use on the 62 and man what a tone.
    Good Luck and keep us informed on what happens.
  7. I can and do all my own set up, this time I want Fender to do the sweating all I want to do is play this new Bass and maintain it's set up. I payed the bucks and now the dealer is falling all over himself to make it right..... the set up tech they have is certified authorized and pasterized by Fender to be THE DUDE!!!!!!! A 20 year local and recomended by all that I've talked to so far . I have a good feeling that I will come out of this with a good player(he is also going the extra mile with nut work etc. when the new neck arrives) he was able to straighten the neck but the buzz problem at medium to low action in the upper register had him concerned. I believe he probably could have tweaked the action enough to get the bass to play ok but seems to take too much pride in his work to just let it go at that...........I will update.......I agree also that the concentric knobs on this Bass would only hold true for a 60 model as I too have the Fender Bass book that tells the story of the early Jazz models;)