SOLD Fender 64 RI USA Jazz Bass

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    May 26, 2007
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    Thinning the herd of gear I don't play regularly. This is a fine example. 64 ri jazz. Black and originally came with white pg. I've had this killer tortoise guard in my closet unused for years, and it looks great on this bass. Was going to take it back off, but have decided to include it with the sale. Original white guard will be included as well.

    It's very light for a jazz. 8.8 pounds on my bathroom scale.

    There are a few superficial marks on the body, which I have tried to show in the pics.

    Comes with original hard case and all case candy.

    1250 shipped in the USA. 6F1AB796-8128-4BA1-BFBE-10B552A9B018.jpeg 80C3ED82-0D2A-4CFC-86C9-8528B37F87D7.jpeg 774B8525-8CB5-41F1-BC07-44160F871B14.jpeg DA8EBAC3-737F-4309-892E-88BCF4FA2EE8.jpeg C1BE1CD2-8C6A-4452-B771-350E3C9C8C9A.jpeg EDB01D3F-56E1-4C93-AAC9-5DF7BE38D999.jpeg 2CAFBB0B-99D3-4C33-8F58-775561B83CD7.jpeg AD77AE4E-5348-4829-B5C4-0D8F56004142.jpeg 7010A734-1A32-4B28-8A76-610C461D6E5C.jpeg F78C3255-6BCF-48A4-AF51-BED3E1EE374E.jpeg DF61A50A-EAEC-48F6-BCFB-2EF2112A2B68.jpeg FBA9B309-F5DC-47D7-94DC-E465509F3E50.jpeg
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  2. Beautiful!
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    Mar 10, 2007
    Wow! This is an amazing Jazz bass.
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