No longer available Fender 70s Style Relic or Real, Aged, Nickel Tuning Machines/ Tuners

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    I got these 70s era Fender / Made In Germany / Tuning Machines here on TB about 3 years ago. To be honest, I really can't tell if they are "Actual" early 70's machines or relic recreations. Either way, they look very good and very real. There is one small shiny spot on one of the tuner clovers that cause me to be suspect. Not sure if that means the relic technique was missed on one spot, or if someone thought about cleaning the real machines. That being said, I just want to get out of them, what I put into them along with shipping and insurance. These are nickel and not the lighter weight chrome versions on my 1978 and 1982 J Basses. Tuners come with ferrules and screws. Same as with the other tuner set I'm selling, I may have to scrounge around for a complete set of screws for the 4th tuner. I put HipShot D-Tuner's on my basses and somehow that 4th set of screws gets detached from the 4th machine.

    Your PayPal payment gets them shipped via USPS Priority Mail to your lower 48th, Continental US state, with proper packaging and insurance.

    Other pics / Individual pics are available - No Trade Interest At This Time.

    46F0D05F-5795-4D81-93D6-60884C122597.jpeg 057B2570-50F2-4F16-BDC0-192B3A0CAEB1.jpeg