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Fender 800 pro head.

Discussion in 'Amps and Cabs [BG]' started by tellis, May 19, 2005.

  1. tellis


    May 6, 2005
    Birmingham Al
    :help: :help: :bassist: I was thinking about purchasing the fender 800 pro head but I really need some opinions. I've heard alot of good things about it. Some think it sounds very similar to the eden heads..What are you guys opinion?
  2. snailplow

    snailplow Leon Phelps Wanna Be

    Nov 1, 2001
    Maryville, Tennessee
    They're really cool amps for playing musical genres that need a clean tone,like jazz and country,but if you're wanting a grittier tone look elsewhere.I thought they were too clean sounding,but I play rock and metal.
  3. The 0x

    The 0x

    Aug 24, 2003
    Timonium, MD
    Personally, i'd spend the few extra bucks on the Fender 1200 Pro head for the tube preamp. But then again, i'd just get a used Sunn 1200s on ebay, as it's the exact same amp.

    If you don't wanna spend too much, look at the Yorkville XS800. Great head for not alot of money.
  4. Bongolation


    Nov 9, 2001
    No Bogus Endorsements
    As a general policy, I avoid gear that is newly introduced, complex and expensive.

    That equation just doesn't work for me, and even less so given a lot of the problems I've been hearing with Fender warranty repair.

    These may turn out to be good amps, but in the meantime I'd rather spend the bucks on other gear with established reputations.
  5. I've had mine for the past six months & totally love it. I don't like tube amps & sold an SVT4PRO to get it. I also have the Bassman 400H head which sounds almost identical to the 800 just at a lower wattage. I prefer the parametric EQ over a graphic EQ anyway.
    I have MP3s on my band's site that were recorded with that amp using the XLR out on the back of the amp.
  6. a friend of mine owns one. He plays in a cover band, and it sounds great in my opinion! Especially with the Fender 410 and 115
  7. popinfresh


    Dec 23, 2004
    Melbourne, Aus
    I think they're great sounding amps. But you might as well go on ebay and get a Sunn 1200 IMO. It's the same as the Fender 1200 (They bought Sunn) and it'l be a lot cheaper. The 1200 has a tube pre, but if you want SS, the 800 seems to be nice (But I think most Fender gear is overpriced).
  8. Not as overpriced as Ampeg.
  9. protoz


    Nov 30, 2000
    +1 for the 1200. If you don't like the tube pre you can actually disable it and use the SS pre. Comes with good distortion as well...I can't wait to pick mine up Tuesday!
  10. R Briere

    R Briere Bass-ically Yours Gold Supporting Member

    Protoz.......you've become a SUNN maniac! I'm proud of you my man! :cool:
  11. Hi, I have an 800 Pro that is missing the front panel allen bolts... As I live outside the US I cannot find anything similar (we have only "metric system" bolts and the ones on the bassman are "imperial size") to replace them.
    Is anybody so kind to measure the thread size? Thanks in advance :)
  12. jastacey


    Feb 8, 2009
    The Fender 800 pro is very similar to the Bassman 1200 pro, which was the predecessor amp and the last version after the 800 was the TB-1200 .... same power amp section, the front end is where the difference is when they came out with the 800 Pro they added a "room balance control" it kinda acts as a "timbre" control that is on a Thunderfunk amp , when they brought out the TB-1200 they added the "Var-Q" alng with the "room control" to further refine the tone shaping ( remember, a little goes a long way with these controls, especially if you have a good accurate cabinet ) the amp's power section is 1200 watts RMS into a 2 ohm load, 800 watts RMS into a 4 ohm load and if memory serves me right 500 watts RMS into a 8 ohm load, you have to have a cabinet that can really handle that kinda of power, because you can very easily burn multiple voice coils at once, when I had the Bassman 1200 Pro, I ran it with a SVT 810 that was built in the 1990's, then I moved on to a Berg NV610 and was kinda happy, also I played my Bassman 1200 into a Berg HS410 and liked the tone I got, then I moved on to ThunderFunk as my go to amp, ( the reason I moved on, I like parametric Eq, not Graphic EQ, discovered Thunderfunk, before Fender came out with the 800 Pro ) a couple of times I had the opportunity to play the 800 Pro with a SVT 810 , via back-line and was surprised on how the controls worked, very similar to Thunderfunks, not the same exactly but I felt at home in dialing my tone in, if you get one, open it up and clean any dust off the huge heatsinks .... as to the Sunn 1200s, they had some teething issues, in the heat build-up in the output section, some amps were fixed, but a lot were not, they figured every thing out when it became the Bassman 1200 ... all this is IMHO ...so take it for what it's worth ...... would I buy an 800 Pro, yes ... but I would prefer the TB-1200, if I was playing in a very loud band and I mean loud !!!!!

    P1010186 by jastacey128, on Flickr
    P1000967 by jastacey128, on Flickr
    P1020416 by jastacey128, on Flickr
  13. okcrum

    okcrum in your chest

    Oct 5, 2009
    Verde Valley, AZ
    RIP Dark Horse strings
    No internal fan? Ah, I see, it's mounted outside the back of the chassis.
  14. tombowlus

    tombowlus If it sounds good, it is good Gold Supporting Member

    Apr 3, 2003
    North central Ohio
    Editor-in-Chief, Bass Gear Magazine
    I love the 800 Pro (and own one). When we had the TB 1200 in for review (Fender sent us a slew of gear, but did not allow us to hang onto it for long, and we were only able to review a portion of what they send before we had to return it), I compared my 800 Pro to the TB 1200, and there were definitely numerous similarities. The differences were mostly related to the fact that tone tweaking on each head is done in very different fashion.

    Overall, though, the TB was a bit more warm/round, and the 800 Pro was a bit more clear/tight, but both are really nice. I actually prefer the 800 Pro. In many ways, it strikes me as the best iteration yet of the AMP-420/Thunderfunk layout.

    It's a heavy mofo, but a very powerful, great-sounding head. :bassist: :bassist: :bassist: :cool:
  15. Could anybody reply to my request? Thank you.
  16. Bill Hughes

    Bill Hughes

    Oct 17, 2013
    The Sunn 1200S and its bassman brother are essentially the same.

    Early versions had problems with driver transistor problems (mechanical vibration issues, later solved with added hardware)

    There were also issues with fuse resistors opening needlessly, later replaced by metal film types, required for safety approval.

    The metal film are flame proof which solved the issue of reliability.

    That was a lot of stuff on one circuit board.

    Only weighed 30 pounds, could have weighed more if class "AB", as opposed to class "H"

  17. jastacey


    Feb 8, 2009
    Many thanks Bill, for the insight on the Sunn 1200s amp issues ... and yes, the circuit board kinda reminded me of a computer motherboard, packed with a lotta stuff !!!
    It's been kinda hard getting good accurate info on the Fender stuff ... thanks for filling in the blanks

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