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fender 9050s vs TI jazz flats vs ernie ball flats

Discussion in 'Strings [BG]' started by fenderbluesdude, Apr 14, 2004.

  1. which of these strings is better? i have tried some flats like the d'addario chromesw which really sucked and sounded very twangy IMO. i have a fender jazz fretless, and i used to put the fender 9050s on my bass and liked them but really can remeber the sound any more, one night i broke my e string, and i dont play slap or death metal i play blues rock, but i still managed to brake the e string, so i went down to this guitar store (they sucked) and they didnt have any thing just the d'addario chromes, i put them on my bass and they sucked majorly, i had them on for a couple of weeks but they never lost that "new string sound" so i then went to d'addario rounds nicke, and they were alright but they never lost the bright sounding tone either, so now i am going back to flats, i just dont want to make a mistake this time. which would be better for that thumpish sound. and i want6 it to loose its bright tone very quickly and get very dead very quickly.
  2. Mattski


    Jan 6, 2003
    Cleveland, OH
    There is going to be a big diff in feel between those strings. The TIs are about as loose and springy as they get and the Fenders have that high tension trad flat feel to them. The Fenders will have thump-for-days, and the TIs will have thump.

    I like the TIs for the feel AND they sound great. I primarily use rounds, so the feel factor is key for me.
  3. never mind about the TIs there too expensive! there probably worth it but most of the people that like them say that they last a long time in brightness, i want them to die and have a cool thumpy sound like the begining of pappa was a rolling stone by the temptations. so now my choices are the fender 9050 flats, the ernie ball flats, or the la bella flats, or even the la bella bylon tapewound ones.
  4. Mattski


    Jan 6, 2003
    Cleveland, OH
    I actually don't think they start very bright. But hey...
  5. well i really dont like the low tension thing beacuse i have tried strings with low tension and i dont like it the string rattles all over the place i dont know, im really considering the fender 9050 or the la bellas or even maybe the ghs precision flats.
  6. I use Fender 9050's on my fretted basses (if the store has them) and GHS Brite Flats on my fretless Jazz Bass. The Fenders are the kings of thump.
  7. armybass

    armybass Gold Supporting Member

    Jul 19, 2001
    I would just eat fried chicken everyday before playing your bass but don't wash you hands. You will have the good old thump right quick. ;)
  8. tkarter


    Jan 1, 2003
    If you are used to playing rounds the Fender 9050's are the ones to convince you to go to flats. I have them on my P and Jazz and wow. Thump is awesome. Can get the Jazz right back to 1956 for sound with those. The P well it just sounds like a vintage P.

    I may try the TI on the P when or if I ever decice the 9050's are wore out. I hear the TI's can go about 7 years or more with out losing their stuff. I am not sure I can live 7 years so I would figure they would be the last string I ever had to buy.

  9. 59jazz

    59jazz Infinite Rider on the Big Dogma Supporting Member

    I really like the dead / percussive thump, of the GHS precision flats. They're smooth, not too tight in tension and are very even sounding.

  10. glwanabe

    glwanabe Guest

    Apr 21, 2002
    Throw a set of 9050ml fendr flats on a jazz and you can channel John paul Jones or Noel Redding. Flats on a jazz sound great. They break in after about 20hrs of playing to a very growly, warm sound. You can play newer type rock with them but you will need to develop some hand strength to bend them or do good hammer ons. They have a clear warm tone when performing double stops and sing with harmonics. You do have to work a little harder but the tone is worth it.
  11. I played an American Jazz fretless in store, strung with 9050's. I really liked the feel of these strings. I'd recommend them.
  12. christle


    Jan 26, 2002
    Winnipeg, MB
    Currently I am using Chromes and Lakland JO Flats. I prefer the Chromes over the JO Flats but the JO's do sound very nice on the Precision. On my Godin Freeway I am using the Chromes and they can only be described as yum! If you are looking for that Temptations sound then LaBella's, Fender's, or the JO Flats may be what you want. All three have a decided thump to them. Chromes are similar to TI's in that they are more middy - something I really like. The others are more bassy and have that solid thump you hear on older records. The only reason I use the JO's is that I play a fair amount of blues and Motown material and they help me get that sound. Otherwise it would be TI's and Chromes all the way.

  13. Another big factor to me is tension. I don't care for TI flats because they're just too floppy. I have used Fender flats since the 60's and they remain my favorite almost by default. It has gotten to the point where I just don't care what anybody else manufactures.
  14. bluesrocker


    Apr 19, 2004
    Hi! I'm a bluesrocker too, and love the sound of flats. After trying a billion strings, I always go back to Rotosound Jazzbass flatwounds. Sound good out of the box, and last forever.

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