SOLD Fender '99 Japan Jaco Fretless Four 4 (re-issue)

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    Fender '99 Japan Jaco Re-Issue

    $850 Shipped CONUSA (Paypal Ok)

    This is a real sweet '62 Vintage re-issue. Barely touched this because I've been too busy with my bank-busting fretless 6's. I am sure some of you know more history and details about these than I do, so please feel free to correct any misinformation. I paid a thousand bucks a little over a year ago.

    ===> Comes with a killer Ritter gig bag.

    - Fingerboard is super nice. (see below).
    - Weight: Very close to 9 lbs, using Stand-on, Stand-off digital scale method

    Rear Body Scratches+Indent:
    - Looks a bit of a scratching incident, nothing major but definitely visible
    - An couple-inch indent type of thing across from ^
    - A nick or two on lower rear horn

    I bought it and a year and a half ago and had Carl Pedigo down in his basement lair over at Lakland give it the once over. He said he would coat the board for me and I had considered it, but now I feel the need to sell it. He performed some of his setup mojo, including some fingerboard leveling. Carl built Pino's blue fretless 5, so I always trust his work. I love just sitting there watching when he sets up my 55-60s.

    If someone doesn't just buy this outright I will see if I can whip up some clips to provide a bit of inspiration. I think those strings might be a set of Sunbeams on there because they are a favorite of mine. But I might try out some La Bella flats for the time being if I am going to warm this up and record it for y'all.

    Happy to respond to questions. Thanks to all for stopping in. -Kevin

    Full Front 2 HiRes.jpg Full Back 1.jpg Body Back 1.jpg Headstock Front.jpg Headstock Rear.jpg
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    What part of Illinois are you in?
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    Apr 5, 2008
    Chicago, USA
    I am 35min north of Chicago. Are you in Chicagoland, too?
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    Apr 30, 2016
    Richmond, VA
    I’m in the Indianapolis area, so not terribly far.
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    Aw man, that's awesome...