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Fender Aerodyne Crafted in Japan

Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by taquitos43, Mar 7, 2008.

  1. Can anyone give an honest opinion of these? I know most people really like the Crafted in Japan Fenders. I have a chance to buy one for a decent price. How good are they? It's a P/J configuration. I don't play any one particular style of music and mostly fingerstyle. What do y'all think about them? Thanks!!
  2. fretlessthumper


    Nov 12, 2004
    I used to have one of these. The basswood is OK quality (depending on what it is compared to), the metal is not that great but cheap and easy to swap out. When I had mine I routed a small cavity in the back to support a battery compartment, wrired the pop-out compartment to a set of EMG p/j pick ups. Then I put a Bass Ass II bridge on it. Man that turned the bass into a monster. I saw on on ebay that had Batolinis in it and thought that must sound good. For the money I think it is a great bass with or without the modifications. Personally I think that Fender Japan makes pretty decent stuff. The Jaguar bass is pretty cool as well.
  3. Thanks!! Anyone else?
  4. JayM


    Apr 4, 2007
    Virginia, USA
    I have the export version of the Aerodyne Jazz (no pickguard, no fretboard dots). I like it a lot. Thin, fast neck - the fretboard radius is 7.25-ish, but it feels good to me. Some people might not like that. Sounds good with a good variety of tones available. I like the spare looks and cream binding. It's light and the carved body make it comfortable.

    On the downside, it's basswood, so the body is soft and can dent more easily than a harder wood. I've been pretty careful and mine's intact, but I've heard this can be an issue. It also fingerprints like mad, which drove me crazy at first (now I don't even notice). The jazz pickup has noticably lower output than the precision pickup. It's not as punchy as an active bass, but has a good range of tones.

    If I lost this one, I'd buy another one. I'd like to try the P-bass version, but I haven't found one locally to bang around on.

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