SOLD Fender Am. Deluxe Dimension 5H, thurs.&fri. only

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    This pains me but I really need the cash for rent, so I'm dropping the price tonight (8-17-18)and tomorrow night ONLY!! I wish I could keep it, but I really need the money. Its a really great, and beautiful bass, one of the most beautiful grains, its hard to tell its a 2 piece body.[BTW that a piece of plastic from under one of the knobs next to the pickup in 2nd pic down] Powerful 18v preamp, has a stringray vibe, but really a sound all its own. In absolutely Mint+++ condition. AND, she plays as good as she looks. Really nice low action, and setup with DR pure Blues, which I use on all my basses, and elec guitars. probably less than 10 hours of use.Hard Case and case candyincluded $950shipped to continental US call or text 860-315-3939
    IMG_0009_2.jpg IMG_0011_1.jpg IMG_0010.jpg IMG_0013_2.jpg IMG_0014_1.jpg
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    Do you have a weight on this?
  3. 9.1lbs
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    Whoa, gorgeous! GLWTS!
  5. Thank you sir.
  6. must sell!!! all reasonable offers considered