Fender American '62 RI jazz bass

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    Jul 1, 2013
    Hey guys!

    Quick question:

    Did Fender recently make any AMERICAN '62 Ri Jazz bass without stacked knobs? (so with the normal 3 knobs) Or are the '62's with the normal 3 knobs always MIJ?

    And did they make those USA '62 RI reliced?

    Thanks already guys
  2. Alfonzie

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    Jul 1, 2013
    No one knows?
  3. American Vintage 62RI was always a stackknob (from the launch in the eighties until discontinued in 2012), but there are people who swapped the stackknob for a VVT-layout.

    A Japan 62RI (JB62) is a VVT with an earth-strip between the bridge and the bridgepickup
    A Mexican 62RI (Classic '60) is a VVT without the earth-strip
    The Road-Worn 60 is a Classic '60, reliced

    And then you have the custom-shop models, being the '60 (stackknob, relic, closet classic or new) and '64 (VVT, relic, closet classic or new)
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    Aug 7, 2010
    The MIA "Jaco Tribute" basses were AV'62RIs with two distinctive differences:

    • V-V-T controls
    • "Jaco" signature engraved in the neck-plate

    In every other respect, the "Jaco Tribute" was an AV'62RI bass.

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    I have heard Fender USA made '62 reissues with VVT for export only. I think to the UK. I could be wrong....
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    Aug 27, 2000
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    Exports and some custom runs. I had an Ice Blue Metalic that had 3 knob set up IIRC.