SOLD Fender American Deluxe V Ash Body

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    May 4, 2009
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    Selling the body of a 2015 American Deluxe Jazz V. This is a Swamp Ash body with a real nice grain.

    When I bought the bass new back in 2015 I really wanted a Sunburst finish but Fender didn't make a Sunburst with Maple fingerboard. So, I bought a Sunburst body off of Stratosphere and made myself a nice Frankenjazz.

    So this body has been sitting in my closet in a pillowcase ever sense. I did take it out to practice installing a copper shield, so that is done as well. There are a few minor dents in the clear coat. I tried to get pictures of them but they are hard to see even with the light at the right angle.

    I believe it will fit the new Fender American Ultra necks. I tried to get some pictures with measurements for neck width and length.

    Asking $275.

    I also have a tortoise shell pickguard that will fit that I can include for an extra $25.

    Might be interested in some preamp pedals for a trade.

    PXL_20210901_143744085.jpg PXL_20210901_144132905.jpg PXL_20210901_143848428.jpg PXL_20210901_144009857~2.jpg PXL_20210901_144047520~2.jpg PXL_20210901_143810908.jpg
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    Mar 13, 2021
    Pm sent
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