SOLD Fender American Elite Jazz Bass V - As New - Killer 5 String Jazz Bass

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  1. sludgetail


    Feb 26, 2018
    Orange, CA
    Selling this like-new Fender American Elite Jazz Bass V, 5-String Jazz Bass with all the creature comforts and fixins' that Fender has to offer. If you're looking for unmolested 5-string jazz bass with a maple board that really projects --with no dents, swirl-marks or scratches, here's your chance. Stunning Champagne color that goes from Shoreline Gold to Silver in different light, and beautiful Maple Fretboard featuring some killer color changing block inlays from trans green/blue to grey/black. The 18v Pre on these and Noiseless p/u's are smoking and gets every tone under the sun with a great Low B.

    Arguably the finest Jazz neck Fender offers, perfect truss rod adjustment wheel at the bottom of neck, just a beautiful instrument. I had planned on keeping it, but wife recently gifted me an Ernie Ball Stingray 30th Anniversary and I am playing that exclusively with the band, which is the only time I play a 5-string bass and this was going to be a backup... otherwise it's 4-strings all day, and I've got too many as is.

    Purchased a couple months back, she was played for about an hour here at home only, and has been put back in her case right away -- never out. I did fall in love with her, but alas, I'm one of those guys who is not into keeping what I don't play. Plus would like to take my wife on vacation. I ship same day, includes everything shown, but in the spirit of keeping everything brand new, I'm including a brand new set of the stock Fender V strings she came loaded with.

    All tools, COA, hangtags, and OEM Fender box with serials included.

    ALSO BLK PICKGUARD (NEW IN PACKAGE) INCLUDED: I had ordered a custom Blk/White/Blk pickguard for her, she'll be included free of charge, still in the original packaging, should you choose to switch out the guard and give her the Aleva Copolla jazz look, at no charge. See below in comments for what they look like with a blk guard.

    Priced for quick sale at $1649 + $50 Shipping (I will eat the rest) insured in the TOP 48 States, PayPal. This is a TB only sale for now, will be posted on Reverb at a premium.

    Edit: Thank you TB, not looking for any trades and I should probably mention, I'm not in a bind and not hurting to sell... I will go on vacation regardless and don't mind her sitting :)

    Have sold for years on both Reverb (preferred seller) and decades on eBay, click the links to see my feedback and what people are saying. I pack like a beast and you get my cell at purchase. If you'd like to save $100, pickup + cash or PayPal in SoCal is okay and preferred; I'm in the city of Orange.

    Specs via Fender: American Elite Jazz Bass® V | Electric Basses

    *String Spacing 18mm

    IMG_2475.JPG IMG_2476.JPG
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  2. B-Lo

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    Jun 16, 2017
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    All the hype about these Elites is real...fantastic instruments.

    I've included a pic of mine with a swapped out pick guard to give folks an idea of what a darker one would look like. 20190430_214455.jpg
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  3. sludgetail


    Feb 26, 2018
    Orange, CA
    Looks killer my friend, love that black pearl!!! I'm glad you're loving yours -- these were the hottest colors I think. Also here is a pic I found from another TB thread - forgive I'm not sure who the original photo belongs to, but this is what she'd look like with a Blk Guard.... the one I have (still in the package) is 3-ply Blk/White/Blk.

    Thanks B-Lo!!!

    *not my bass in pics, but good reference.

    Edit - found the thread and it belongs to @phillipkregg - is it okay to show off your pics? If not, simply let me know and I'll remove 'em quickly!
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  4. arszon

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    Aug 28, 2009
    Love the black pg with black blocks!
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  5. sludgetail


    Feb 26, 2018
    Orange, CA
    For sure, me too man! I dig 'em both ways but that black makes it pop!
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  6. sludgetail


    Feb 26, 2018
    Orange, CA
    Sold - Thank You David and great speaking with you today; hang tight for more of what you already love + some great extras brother.
  7. rasicci


    Nov 21, 2012
    Akron, OHIO
    Thank you Sol can’t wait
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