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No longer available Fender American Elite Precision Loaded Body

Discussion in 'For Sale: Parts, Strings, and Accessories' started by Cutter8, Apr 27, 2019.

  1. Cutter8

    Cutter8 Supporting Member

    Feb 4, 2018
    *Pulling this and probably parting it out...

    2018 Fender American Elite Precision build that just needs a neck and pickguard.

    The components, which are all new and authentic Fender parts, are as follows:
    2018 Fender American Elite Precision Body
    2018 Fender American Elite Precision Bass Preamp PCB Assy 7708253000
    Fender Pure Vintage ’63 & Fender Gen 4 Noiseless Bridge
    Fender American Standard Big Block High Mass Vintage Chrome Bridge
    Fender American Elite 5-Bolt Contoured Heel Neck Plate
    Fender Oval Head Chrome Neck Plate Mounting Screws, #8 x 1-3/4"
    Fender 1/4" Output Jack w/ Battery Switching Pin/Mounting Hardware
    Fender Chrome Recessed "Football" Jack Plate RFJP-C
    Fender Schaller American Series Chrome Locking Strap Buttons
    Fender American Control Knobs

    Pickup and control cavities have been fully copper shielded.

    Will also consider a partial trade for a loaded or unloaded Longhorn (a/k/a “Boner Bass”) body or any Fender body that takes a 22-fret Fender neck with no fretboard overhang and a 5-bolt neck plate (e.g., American Deluxe Precision, American Deluxe Jazz, Dimension Bass IV, Flea Signature Active Jazz, etc...).

    Feel free to ask any questions about the body itself in this thread, but please PM me about any trade or purchase offers.

    Thanks for looking!
    F0D77467-9817-41E6-9D37-E12DD76FDC41.jpeg 6A1AB6B5-B6E4-4D47-8278-35CCD87629B8.jpeg 31CC63D9-090F-47DA-A6EF-3D5AEBF3CC52.jpeg ABEB9102-80CC-4498-87B4-AC9492197FE6.jpeg 74552098-9FAB-4720-91E5-DF026A0921A6.jpeg 9581FA61-FBA2-4AEC-8D97-F670F225F5F2.jpeg E862DB8E-D5D0-4263-95FC-104DBB653F31.jpeg AD622CE6-2F67-4DBF-B697-61B325904EAC.jpeg FD4A7152-381B-488E-8B8A-D41F62273B39.jpeg C0D22AB3-1557-4D71-AA4F-02D189FADBF7.jpeg EDD1E0ED-5D77-4D07-BC64-ACD8A69617E0.jpeg A0CC32B7-E070-4F6A-BEA6-75EE5AEE660B.jpeg C2DA2E9B-FA8B-4D3B-B7C4-8F77D6D755C7.jpeg CC78EFC0-3EF3-4C61-8A29-DD220A43FA73.jpeg 9860C026-FCEA-4A33-B9C6-A03D7397504E.jpeg 589FD7D6-E9D6-4214-8690-A21DDC10B70E.jpeg 606F2140-E748-4A8E-8810-2A1589C36374.jpeg
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