No longer available Fender American Elite Stratocaster extra loaded pickguard

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    Fender American Elite Stratocaster Electric Guitar Features:
    • Fender noiseless single-coil pickups (4th generation)
    • S-1 switch provides 10 pickup options for exciting new tones
    • C-shaped compound maple neck with a fast satin finish and heel contour
    • Rosewood fretboard has a clear response and smooth touch
    • Tremolo bridge adds texture to chords and leads
    • High-mass saddles for added chime and sustain
    • Locking tuners for tuning stability and quick string changes
    • Includes a hardcase although not Fender it is new and in amazing shape
    • Only trade I am interested is a Stingray Special 4 or 5 string

    • Includes a SSS loaded pickguard
    • 8A8C2717-5CCD-4A57-BD68-C26FF05E4E0B.jpeg 517171F4-56BB-4859-BBCD-5FAEB35CF53E.jpeg 683479EF-D49F-441F-A5C6-4D548CEE5E30.jpeg F907F72D-BFD2-40FE-AF6B-694D3D913FCA.jpeg 13B2A05A-D8C3-4A3C-9DB4-8CEDA73C5A82.jpeg
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    That black pickguard rules, such a classy look.
    Plus HSS on a strat is a great option.

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  3. brstma

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    Nov 20, 2008
    Is that a sparkle paint or just something on the guitar?
  4. simongpaez

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    Feb 28, 2005
    The Woodlands , Texas
    It is the paint but you can hardly notice it
    In person the 2 first pics are more accurate of the look