Fender American Jazz V neck vs. Stingray 5 neck

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    Jan 14, 2008
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    I tried a Stingray five string the other day and really liked the feel of the neck on it, but I really love the tone of my Jazz and wondered how the necks on the new USA 5 string Jazz basses compare to the Stingray 5 as far as width, thickness, fell, etc. anyone play both?
  2. musicman666

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    Sep 11, 2011
    The Fender 5 string neck is much wider at the nut with larger string spacing than the Stingray...
    I have a USA P 5 not the jazz but I believe both have the same neck....very wide with large string spacing.....I much prefer my Stingray neck. The P is an entirely different beast. Both are fantastic basses!
  3. It's been a few months since I've played a Music Man at GC. I just got an American Deluxe Jazz V, the new model with the bound neck and block inlays. From what I remember the Music Man felt a little thicker from the fret board to the back of the neck. But it has been too long ago to be sure.

    Both are very nice. You can probably walk into any GC and find a Music Man in stock. I had to wait for my Fender to come in on back order. The MIA Fenders are hard to find in stock any where near where I live.
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    tagging on here...
    I don't really understand it - to me the neck of my vmj5 feels a mile wider and harder to negotiate than a SR5, but the specs say it shouldn't. The Stingray 5 specs claim a 11" radius: the VMJ5 claims a 9" Radius - that is really hard for me to believe, but the numbers are what the nums are. The VMJ is 1.87" at the nut, the SR5 is 44.5mm but I'm not confident what the string spacing is on either.
    to me VMJ5 it plays just like the Standard American J 5 er.
    I would have sworn that the radius of the squier was much larger than the Stingray. no doubt the vmj5 is flatter and maybe that is what is tricking my hand - the sr5 feels symmetrically round [is it?] while the vmj5 is a "C" that is more like a " [ "... and you can visibly see that.

    If the specs are right, I should be able to feel the diff by simply cutting a custom nut with the string spacing of the Stingray.

    If anyone has the exact specs of the bridges it would sure help
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    No comparison
    The Fender is much bigger