SOLD Fender American Original ‘70s Jazz Bass Body - AVRI 1970s Reissue

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    Fender American Original ‘70s Reissue Jazz Bass Body (Loaded)

    Very cool, loaded 1970s USA reissue Fender Jazz Bass body in original black finish. The body is in nice shape, but shows some finish wear and scratches here and there. I tried to show all blemishes in the pics, but it’s difficult to capture everything in photos on a black finish. Just note that they are superficial surface marks from normal playing wear - nothing major. The body has had NO modifications and comes loaded with all the stock Fender parts. Still has the factory film and sticker on the pickguard. All you need is a neck and you’re ready to rock! It also comes with the Fender Certificate of Authenticity and the other paperwork shown, as well as the soft zippered Fender bag.

    The pickups sound awesome and the body has no issues. This body is made of ash and weighs a hearty 8 lbs. exactly (loaded as shown), so it will make for a full bass in the 10 lb. range, depending on the neck you install. These American Original ‘70s models replaced the long running American Vintage Reissue Series a few years ago and the quality is still as outstanding as always!


    $625 Shipped (USA)
    Paypal accepted.

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