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  1. Bassist30

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    Mar 19, 2004
    Explain. Neck shifts when putting on new strings? bends out of shape. I don't believe it is a quartersawn maple which they wanted more vintage. Not that all quartersawn necks are more stable but in general some are slightly more stable dependent on the cut. Especially coming from a bass Luthier. Plus its a newer bass. But over all these are really nice sounding basses. I know some like the AV basses better and some say the AO is better. But in reality like all fenders some are better than others. Glad you love yours. I feel lucky having it.
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  2. petrus61

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    Don’t forget there was the AV which came after the AVRI, but prior to the AO. The differences aren’t negligible between either (depending on the user of course).
  3. :D Well ... err ... it’s not exactly a prosperous period; I guess my CS time will have to wait although, to use Fender’s words, I may be ready even now :):D in any case, as somebody was suggesting, I may wait some time to get my AO reliced enough to be disguised as CS instrument ;)
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    Aug 16, 2011
    does anyone notice the neck and body of the american originals to feel both sticky and slightly rough?
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