SOLD Fender American Original 70s Loaded Jazz Bass Body

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  1. Hopter


    Feb 3, 2010
    Santa Barbara
    For sale is a mint condition, light weight, Fender American Original 70s bass body in 3TSB. The body includes the original pickup and electronics, upgraded pickguard and hipshot bridge. The body is really light, the bass was just above 8lbs with the heavy 70s neck and tuner, I bought the hipshot bridge for better intonation and to add a little weight to the bass. I planned to upgrade the neck with something more comfortable, sold the neck off and in the mean time bought a Custom Shop Precision bass that I need to fund so for sale this goes. Feel free to ask any questions, this loaded body is going to make the right person very happy!

    -Lightweight, Weighs 5lbs 13ounces on my scale (fully assembled body weight)
    -Beautiful Ash Grain
    -Upgraded pickguard, Special ordered WD pickguard with no thumb rest mount holes
    -Hipshot Brass A Style Bass Bridge
    -Original Pickups and Electronics (exceptionally quiet for single coils)
    -Neck Plate and Screws Included

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  2. Hopter


    Feb 3, 2010
    Santa Barbara
    Significant price drop, $575 shipped. Mint condition.