Fender American Special Jazz - Pickups & Tone Circuit

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    Brand new Am.Special Jazz with zero playing time.

    Pick-ups do not have the clear protective film on them anymore, but no scratches either. Will de-solder rather than cut, so you have all the factory wire that they shipped with.
    Assuming bridge is what Fender calls the "standard" which are around $30 bones or so. Graptech saddles are unopened, as I chained the plan midstream and bought a BAII bridge instead. Can ship everything USPS, but probably no earlier than Saturday morning, as we are traveling a bit.

    Pickups. $55.00 SHIPPED USPS (Padded Envelope)
    Bridge. $30.00 SHIPPED USPS (Padded Envelope)
    Saddles. $45.00 SHIPPED USPS (Padded Envelope)
    ...or take it all for $105.00 SHIPPED USPS

    Went with Fender Super55 Splits, so this set-up saw about 15 minutes of playing time.

    Hipshot HB7 Tuners
    Jazz Pickguards (Black Pearl, Aged White Pearl, White Pearl)
    Fender Chainsaw Hardshell Case (Jazz/P)
    DI Boxes
  2. Who needs single coils...BUMP.

    Would consider trading the whole shooting match for hum-canceling J's.

    Cash added on my part depending on brand.
  3. Mike Sorr

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    Oct 24, 2012
    Brick, NJ
    I love the American Specials and I'm hoping to get one exactly like the one you have here. This is a gorgeous bass (I have a thing for candy apple red and black). Curious to know what you paid for this if you don't mind my asking.
  4. Most big box stores are still at $999 I believe.

    Then I think Guitar Center got a special issue Am.Special P that was a nitro burst with a maple board for $799 in stores.

    Most of the smaller mom & pop shops in my area, if they have any of these on the wall will make them down sales priced to $799 plus tax.

    Pains me to admit it, but I swear this has better sustain and balance than my American Standard Jazz.
  5. Back to the top.
    Keeping potentiometers as I just "un-did" the whole greasebucket deal.

    Added bridge and Graphtech Saddles, as well as trade bait.:hyper:
  6. Closing thread and listing separately. Thanks TB.

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