Fender American Special Jazz Single Coils - Minty Fresh

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  1. 11763895173_cd59c06438_c.

    22 minutes of playing time and these were pulled (my new set arrived early!)
    Factory leads, as I de-soldered them rather than cutting them out.

    Shiny new Fender single coils, the shielding plates, the tiny little metal triangles that Fender wedges under each plate and (8) screws as well!!!

    [DEL]$65.00[/DEL] [DEL]$55.00[/DEL] $35.00 SHIPPED USPS (PayPal is fine.)
  2. To the top!!!
    $35 bones for Fender single coils!!:hyper:

    Trades for a P pickup set, Jazz Pickguards and EBMM/ DR Strings are cool as well!!
  3. Price drop once more.
    No need for these in the parts drawer.:hyper:

    That rhymed!!
  4. Deal Pending.
  5. SOLD.
    Closing Thread.
    Thanks Talkbass.:hyper:

Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.