SOLD Fender American Special Telecaster

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    2015 Fender American Special Telecaster in Lake Placid Blue with hand wound Cavalier pickups - "Bakersfield" bridge pickup and "Fat Lion" neck. Will ship in soft shell case. I believe it's a Gator, but it has no identifying label. The guitar was bought as NOS this year. There are two dings through the finish shown in the pics. She's strung with medium gauge strings and has no issues. Neck is straight and true and the electronics work fine with no issues. She's a sweet beauty despite having a couple of flaws. Shipping will be actual cost to your zip code.

    0420181515-1.jpg 0420181515a_HDR.jpg 0420181517b.jpg 0420181515d_HDR.jpg 0420181517_HDR-1.jpg 0420181518a.jpg 0420181519.jpg 0420181520.jpg
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