Fender AmerStan P pup and wiring, DR nickels and Fender old flats

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  1. I just replaced the electronics in my 2010 American Precision bass and have no use for the stock electronics. These would be great to drop into a parts bass. I can take a picture if needed, but everything looks as it should. It's still all wired up, just needs the ground solder and its ready to go! $60shipped

    Dr LoRider Nickels 45-105
    I gave these a shot, but didn't like them as much as I used to. Great strings, I just like darker strings these days. They were on my bass for a couple of hours, cut for a through body Fender, so plenty of length is still there. I was able to bend out the kinks, so these can go on a variety of basses, even through bridge ones. $12shipped

    Fender flats from the old era. I'm not sure of the gauge, feel like mediums. I really like these, I just like my pyramids more for flats. Cheap flats for some one to give them a shot! $12shipped

    PM with any questions, thanks!

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    PM's on the P pup and wiring.
  3. Pup and wiring sold.

    Strings still here!
  4. Bump for some great strings!
  5. TTT
  6. Fenders SOLD!

    Price dropped to $12shipped on the DR's!

  7. Actually, I'm going to keep these. Thanks!
  8. Closed.

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