Fender and Warmoth Parts Fretless Jazz bass

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    Feb 14, 2003
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    Unknown Fender body, with some knicks and dings. It may be an '80s Squier, but I'm not sure. Has Dunlop straplocks.

    Neck is a satin finished Warmoth fretless jazz neck (maple and rosewood). Hardly any string wear on the neck at all, as it's strung with Thomastik jazz flats.

    Bridge is a Gibson Schaller type.

    Pickups are Duncan Jazz

    Tuners are American Fender.

    Case is a beat-to-heck Fender hardshell case (black plastic type)

    The sound is phenomenal -- seriously, a very very good sounding, versatile fretless. It just seems to have come together right. Asking $375 plus shipping, obo. No trades at all. I just don't need a fretless and I'm moving soon.

    Please respond via e-mail if possible. Not sure how often I'll be checking my PMs. Thanks!

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