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  1. i have a dan electro baritone guitar. Its tuned....
    i was taling to my frien about the band pinback (one of my favorites) and they use a ton of baritone guitar in all there songs. I was wondering if they used a dan electro like mine, but then i found out theres a thing called "fender bass 6" thing. Are these just like my baritone danelectro guitar??~?? please post pics and tell me about them. if you know the price, that would be sweet too because i might wanna get one!!~!!~!!~!! :hyper:

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  2. I don't knmow if they still make fender 6string bass guitars.. but it is not tuned like a baritone guit. it is tuned as a 6 string guitar but one octave lower, and I have no idea a bout scale lenght and string gauges..
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    The Bass VI is 30" scale, tuned EADGBE an octave below a guitar. Robert Smith of The Cure uses one of these a lot.

    Your bari is likely 27" or 28" scale, tuned BEADF#B or ADGCEA. These were used on a lot of stuff from the 60's (surf music, country stuff underneath an upright, etc.).
  4. yeah, the fender bass 6 IS an actull bass, alot of people think it's a baritone, but it's not, It's the same octave as a bass and the E string is a 95 guage bass string.
  5. I own and play a Fender VI and believe me it's not a bass, it's very much like the Dano baritone.

    Here's a picture of mine. I use the normal guitar tunning and sometimes alternates, depending on the music! I use it on Surf music the most! I play it with a pick because the string width is nothing at all like a bass!


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    I just love your smileys Treena
  7. hott damn i want one ;)

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  8. HOWWW MUCH!!~!!~!!~!!

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    Dude, the guy who played for cream used one of those (jack bruce...or something?)...
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    they are expensive...really really expensive around $2000 for a playable one...one like treenas i think would be around $3000 if its all original if not more!!!!

    just stick with the dano..if not want to trade for a bass? hehe

  11. I paid $900.00 for mine. You can still get the reissues from Fender onlimited runs, they go for about $1400.00.

    There is a great article about these basses and some players who use them here.....


    The Fender Bass VI is sometimes referred to as a baritone guitar and sometimes as a six string bass guitar. It is a fairly rare bird. From 1961 to the early '70's less than 7-800 were made, but copies / reissues are now available. In the February 1989 issue of Guitar Player it is claimed that Leo Fender intended the Bass VI to be a bass and, with its extended upper range, a baritone guitar as well. The regular six-string guitar, for example, is usually said to have the baritone voice among the plucked strings, so to speak of a "baritone guitar" is, in one sense, a redundancy.

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    i know of some one that had one..the first year with the pup rings and such..but i lost his e-mail and he was selling it for a good price too..i wanted it

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    Sub-Sonic Squire...ive seen em for two hundred at Sam Ash.. two humbuckers, neck thru, blk finish.