Fender Bass Fret Wire

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  1. Looking for the exact dimensions (crown height and width) for the two fret wire sizes Fender is currently using on basses:

    * Fender Vintage-Style Fret wire
    * Fender Medium Jumbo fret wire

    I have a strong preference for large wire, but also like block inlays. I see that the 70s Precision bass (beauty that! :bassist:) has the block fret inlays, but uses the vintage-style wire. So, I'm curious how much smaller it is than the medium jumbo used on the Standard Precisions.

    I can't find a local example of the 70s Precision to play.

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    If you are near a store just grab a Squier VM jazz or cv p and you'll see how tiny the vintage fret wire is. I don't know the dimensions but Allparts or stewmac sell it and I think they list dimensions. Shouldn't be difficult to find.
  3. Thanks 96tbird.
    I invested some quality internet research time on this today, and discovered the following:
    Fender Vintage-Style fret wire = .080" wide X .043" high
    Fender Medium Jumbo fret wire = .103" wide X .046" high
    So, these frets are basically the same height, but the med/jumbos are noticeably wider.
  4. I know this is a slightly old thread, but others may appreciate this info:

    Source: http://www.fender.com/news/fret-sizes/