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  1. I guess this fits this forum because it *is* technechly a bass.

    Anyway, does anybody have any information or experiences with the new (Reissue I think?) Fender Bass VI. This thing looks pretty nice, but I've never played a baritone guitar before. The idea sounds good, but maybe somebody with a little experience with one could tell me if this thing is worth the money.

    Also, do you play this through a guitar amp or a bass amp, or is it good for both?
  2. well, i believe you are talking about the fender baritone jaguar, its supposed to be an upgraded bass VI, i really really like it. i played it through a bass amp, and it sounded like a bass, which surprised me a little. it also has a bass kill switch, which cuts off some of the bass frequencies, so you can play it like a baritone guitar, and it won't interfere with the bassist's sound...really nice bass.
    major GAS.

  3. Garry Goodman

    Garry Goodman

    Feb 26, 2003

    I had a chance to play one recently.I saw that is had the Jaguar body shape,not the original Bass VI body.Although it is a reissue,it had the old Fender look and sounded pretty good.The lower 4 strings,like the Bass VI are E1,A1,D2 and G2,so it's the same as a 4 string bass.I played it through a guitar amp. When I used my Bass VI's (check out http;//garrygoodman.con in the photo section) Gibson Eb6 etc,.I went through a two way bass sytem to get the low end out.
    I thought the Jaguar bass was nice,especially for guitarists or guys like myself that like the closer spacing.